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The rise in the price of the coin leads to the sale of high-performance bitcoin mining machines. The miners choose not to stop the mine.

2019-05-30 18:11

The rise in the price of the coin leads to the sale of high-performance bitcoin mining machines. The miners choose not to stop the mine.

The price of bitcoin mining machines has been rising recently. This is a very direct experience of many miners in the mining industry. The price of coins continues to soar. Most miners have very strong demand for bitcoin mining machines. There was an obvious price increase trend and out-of-stock phenomenon in the mining machine market. First, some high-performance bitcoin mining machines were sold out in stock, and second-hand mining machines began to increase in price. From the above phenomena, we can see that the current mining machine market has changed, and it can even be said that some mining machines are hard to find. Some mining unions ask, is it worth buying a mining machine now? Some experts said that you can buy it first! At present, it is not a question of buying or not buying, but a question of buying or not buying.


The price of coins has risen sharply, and the advantages of Bitcoin mining machines

Bitcoin had previously broken through $8,800, almost pushing the $9000 mark, once again releasing a strong signal from the bull market, and the next 2-3 months is still a good opportunity to enter the mine. Because the price of the currency is rising now, the income is high; the price of electricity during the wet season has an advantage. The electricity price of the mine during the flood season is generally 0.25 yuan, so the net profit of one core T3-43T can reach 1.15823 US dollars, and the net income of one core T2T-30T is 7.3837 US dollars. 5 months. In addition, the price of mining machines has not increased significantly (compared to the increase in the price of the currency), and the cost is stable. At present, the currency price is at a relatively stable high level.

This means that it is still profitable to get the mining machine to enter the mine in the past two months. Now it is mining, and it can be returned in the 2019 flood season. If you continue to wait, the bonus period will miss half of the bonus period. There are many people who understand this truth, so the bitcoin mining machine spot was robbed and many models were out of stock. Let's look at the current situation of mainstream miners in the market: According to the news of Bitcoin's official website, the ant mining machine S17 series will have the next batch of goods at least at the end of August; Shenma mining machine M20 still needs to wait until September; core mining machine The T3 series is currently sold out. However, according to its official website, the T2T-30T and T2T-26T models will start shipping in mid-June and continue to ship in batches within two months. This should be the only one in the market within 2-3 months. The "quasi-spot" mining machine. The two bitcoin mining machines are very competitive, and there is no risk of elimination. After the flood season, mining can continue. When the miners dig up the net profit.

Great potential for future mining

In the past 8 years of history, every mining reward is halved, and it will lead a bull market! In 2020, Bitcoin will be halved, so most investors are optimistic about the future of Bitcoin. In this case, the mining machine market is bound to be tight, so there is no need to ask if the mining machine is worth buying. First, ask if the mining machine has a mining machine to buy. ——The current spot mining machine is rare. If you can buy it quickly, the futures in June are worth buying. At this time, the flood season has just begun, the competition is relatively small, and the mining revenue is high. If you match the low-cost electricity bill, the mining revenue will be more.

According to the overseas mine RHY mine, many miners have chosen low-cost overseas mines for layout mining. Because of the limited power resources during the domestic flood season, many domestic mines often have power outages and power cuts. Many miners are miserable. Therefore, the stable low-cost mines have become the toon of the miners in the bull market. In this regard, RHY overseas mines have become a blessing with a steady supply of electricity as low as $0.0275 per degree. More and more domestic miners have shifted the choice of mining layout. The domestic Sichuan mines and the northwest mines have very limited water and long-term positions. The miners on the miners are very passive. Therefore, a stable power supply is not low. The electricity fee mine is a very urgent need for miners under the bull market.