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Shenma M20S computing power up to 68THsah / s

2019-04-15 18:17

Shenma M20S calculation power super ant mining machine S17 20%

With its powerful computing power, Shenma Mining Machinery has always been one of the miners' favorite bitcoin mining machines. The previous generation of the mining machine calculation power king "Shenma Mining Machine M10S" was released on September 18, 2018 in Shenzhen Shekou Hilton. The site attracted more than 600 participants. At that time, the participants were high on the Shenma mining machine M10S. The power of surprise and praise is endless. Recently, Bit Micro launched the new Shenma mining machine - Shenma mining machine M20S.


According to the latest news, the Shenma mining machine M20S has a power of 68 THsah/s and a power consumption ratio as low as 48 W/T. Bit Micro founder Yang Zuoxing said that the miner is scheduled to be shipped in volume in early July and will continue to optimize its performance in the coming months. It is expected to achieve higher power consumption ratios in mass production. It is understood that the Shenma mining machine M20S released the ant mining machine S17 calculation power over 20% earlier than this month. Concerned about the miners of the Shenma mining machine M20S, you can pay attention to the latest developments of the RHY mine official website. The RHY mine will receive the first-hand Shenma mining machine supply, providing miners with detailed and powerful mining services.