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DCR (Daxincoin) is undervalued. Shenma Mining D1 can dig DCR

2019-03-22 18:48

DCR (Daxincoin) is undervalued. Shenma Mining D1 can dig DCR

DCR is a project created by Bitcoin developers after they left the Bitcoin community in 2016. The top technology industry is a pure digital currency similar to Bitcoin. It is created and designed with the core mission of solving blockchain governance issues. It is known as a truly decentralized digital currency. However, DCR is very active in foreign communities, but it does not pay too much attention to the development of the Chinese market. Domestically, DCR is still relatively rare, but DCR has been slowly being used by its advantages. Recognized by domestic users.

DCR (Dexin) Decred has the following advantages as a project to improve Bitcoin.

1. Absolute decentralization. Bitcoin is based on the PoW mining algorithm. With the development of the mining pool in the past two years, the algorithm has been concentrated in the hands of several mining companies, which violates the original intention of Nakamoto to establish a fair and equitable system. In view of this, Decred created a hybrid mechanism of PoW+PoS based on PoW. PoS gives Decel holders the power. 60% of DCR's new revenue belongs to miners, 30% belong to holders, and 10% belong to software developers. Decred effectively reflects the true decentralization.


2. Dividend Mechanism As mentioned earlier, in order to disperse the power of the miners, the team created the PoS to allow DCR holders to receive new revenue. The specific operation is to lock 95 DCRs in the official wallet to buy a ticket. After about 28 days, you can get back the locked 95 DCR, plus 1 more DCR as a reward. The DCR that was initially locked is floating. The more people lock, the more expensive the ticket.

3. The industry's leading governance mechanism Bitcoin has no individual control. The contradiction between miners and Bitcoin developers has intensified, leading to the division of the Bitcoin community. The birth of bit cash is the finished product under the leadership of miners. At present, there is no possibility of reconciliation between miners and developers. Decred has the most advanced governance mechanisms in the industry. The Decred team also previously participated in the Bitcoin project. The governance mechanism was considered at the outset.

Speaking of DCR (Daxincoin), the mining machine that mainly digs DCR (Daxincoin) on the market now uses the Shenma mining machine D1 as the main mining machine. The Shenma mining machine D1 is mainly used to dig DCR (Dexincoin). As a professional mine, the RHY mine has a cooperative relationship with Bitcoin, Jianan Zhizhi, Bit Micro and other mining machine manufacturers. The mine has a number of mainstream mining machines, facing the DCC that this miner is very concerned about. Artifact--Shenma Mining Machine D1, RHY Mine will evaluate this and show you the most comprehensive DCR mining machine.


The official parameters of Shenma mining machine D1

Calculation power: 48TH/s±5% Blake-256r14

Chip Process: 16nmFinFETCompact

Number of chips: 3 power boards

Wall power consumption: 2200W

Power efficiency: 46W/TH±10%

Dimensions: 385mm (L): 155mm (W): 239mm (H)

Net weight: 8.55kg

Summary of Shenma Mining Machine D1

1. Shenma mining machine D1 adopts the one-machine design to improve the efficiency of the machine. The power consumption of 45W/t is further improved than the parameters released in the previous period.

2. Shenma mining machine D1 performance is strong, the average calculation power of the whole machine is 48T, the power consumption is less than 2200W, the integrated unit power consumption ratio is 45W/T, which is the largest single machine power in the mining market, and the power consumption ratio is the best. DCR mining machine.

3. Shenma mining machine D1 machine maintains the fine tradition of Shenma mining machine M10, which is “stable”. The mining machine has been running stably for a long time. The calculation power is stable, the power is stable, the temperature is constant, and no any appears. Faults and problems.