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Calculate a mining machine account: high-priced spot mining machine is good, or low-priced futures mining machine is good?

2019-09-02 17:48

Calculate a mining machine account: high-priced spot mining machine is good, or low-priced futures mining machine is good?

Bitcoin prices have continued to rise this year. After the bears turned to the bull market, the mining revenues have risen steadily and are improving. In the market, it is difficult to find a mining machine, and the price naturally rises. The spot mining machine has also reached 200 yuan/T ($28.0061). At this time, the mining machine manufacturer without a mining machine launched 180 yuan ($25.2055) around the futures miner shouting at the end of September. The price is 20-30 yuan cheaper than the spot. The energy efficiency is OK, which is very attractive. This has caused many miners to fall into a dilemma. Experienced miners are also wondering, the price is good, and the futures miners are not safer and more affordable? In the end, is it a spot mining machine with a price of more than 20 yuan per T, or is it a future futures? This 20 (2.8006 US dollars) -30 yuan ($4.2009) per T difference is not worth waiting for?


With this question, the RHY mine counted the spot mine machine that was bought in the mainstream market. Take the core T2T-30T mining machine, the price of a single T in the market is about 210 yuan ($29.4064). According to the market price on June 15, the daily electricity price is calculated according to the price of 0.26 yuan/degree. For 47.4 yuan (6.6374 US dollars), the net income of single T is 1.58 yuan / day (0.2212 US dollars). If you use the T2T-30T mining machine to dig a month earlier, the single T cost has saved 47.4 yuan (6.6374 US dollars); early digging for two months, single T cost savings of 94.8 yuan (13.2749 US dollars); other futures mines by the end of September When the machine was delivered, the T2T-30T mining machine single T cost has saved 142.2 yuan ($19.9123), compared with the current futures 20-30 yuan (2.8006 US dollars) - (4.2009 US dollars) difference, the spot mining machine clearly shows the price advantage, 3 After the month, the actual price per T is actually less than 70 yuan. More importantly, the bullish currency is dug. So don't say the difference of 20 yuan (2.8006 US dollars), even if the difference of 100 yuan (14.0031 US dollars), obviously the spot mining machine is more affordable.

At this time, some people will say, this account is too optimistic, did not consider the strength of these months is rising! But in fact, the price of the currency is also rising, and it has obviously risen faster than the calculation power in a few months. Therefore, in today’s hard-to-find mining machine, can the calculation power double in a few months? Obviously not! Therefore, it is just a conservative estimate that the early digging income will only be higher and the risk will be lower. From the point of view of the spot T machine cost at the current stage, the purchase of the spot mining machine, compared with the cost of the futures mining machine after 3 months, saved 4266 yuan (597.3702 US dollars). And at that time, the good position in the wet season was no longer, and you have already held the currency close to the original. So early digging means earning good morning.

Another problem to be clear is that the mining machine is for the sake of jealousy? The mining machine can't eat or drink, not just to make money! The price of a mining machine that has no income and is low is also high, and the machine that can return money to make money is cheap. In the past few months, the mining machine has achieved good returns and the market is bullish, but the mining machine is not much. In fact, it is the most stable and most not to be missed. In the market, it will be difficult for a machine to be out of stock. Compared with this time last year, the price of mining machines is generally above 280/T yuan ($39.2085), but the income is not as good as this year. The price of mining machines is not high this year. Also think about it, the price of coins continues to rise, when the spot mining machine is out of stock, the chances of price cuts are not big?

As a miner comes over, mining is actually catching the general trend of catching cash flow, and tangling the price is not as good as entanglement risk and time cost:

1. Uncertain factors in the future: Uncertainties such as the international situation, domestic policies, and RMB exchange rate will directly affect the operation of the mine. The mining cost and stability of the later mining are unknown. Choosing a spot mining machine is equivalent to choosing a high anti-risk capability, and it is not afraid of digging the coin;

2. Changes in computing power: At present, the growth of computing power cannot keep up with the growth of the currency price, and it is not necessarily a few months later. The mining market is time-sensitive, and the mining machine production is lagging behind. The more competition the competition is, the more the single-T revenue will be lower than the current one. In the same 1T calculation, in the early months, the mining volume was more and the value-added space was larger;

3, the period of the flood season: the critical period of the Feng Shui, when the low price of electricity is rich, can effectively control the cost of the currency. The mining of the advanced mining machine in the early morning can be used to mine, in order to seize the risk of avoiding the mine during the profit window; the futures of the futures machine has already expired, and the cost of coin-cutting and operational risks have increased significantly;

4. Asset liquidity management: The currency price changes very quickly. Seize the opportunity to quickly tap the coin and the coin. If the future currency price soars, the management of the liquidity of the currency and the realization of the machine will be easier!

In summary, the same is a T, the time is not the same, the benefits are different, the risks are different, and the cost is not the same. The same is 1T, this 1T is not 1T, time cost is sometimes more important than mining machine cost. Now the mining machine is in a tight market, it is hard to find a machine, the yield is high, the risk is low, and it doesn't last long. It is not expensive to calculate the time cost price, 20-30 yuan (2.8006 US dollars) - (4.2009 US dollars) the difference is simply It's not a matter of course, the winners are the ones who arrive! The opportunity is fleeting. Only by quickly grasping the opportunity and calculating the time cost can we capture the peak of revenue.

The bears are all coming to the forefront, and the trend is the winner. Mining spot mining machine futures miners can be laid out, but to calculate the risk, time cost is very important, can not be simply tempted by price and energy efficiency, and miss the most critical mining opportunities do nothing, do the best in the window Anxious. In the case that the market is out of stock and the electricity bill is not high, the key to the choice of spot and futures is whether the operational risk and the return risk are comparable. Again, once again, choose a mining machine, not to save money, but to make money! In the time window with low returns and high uncertainty, the currency can be dig in the early stage and the cash flow can be invincible. Can not spend money, get a bed, catch a late episode.