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Why is the last bit of money being bitcoin mining machine mining instead of speculating coins?

2019-08-31 17:55

Why is the last bit of money being bitcoin mining machine mining instead of speculating coins?

The trend of Bitcoin this year is a big bull market. Although the price of coins has dropped in the recent period, it does not hinder investors from optimistic about the market outlook of Bitcoin. However, in the process of rising currency prices, the most lucrative and stable way to make money is mining. The miners, not the investors who speculate on the coin, why do bitcoin mining machines mine and make the most lucrative and stable money, not the speculative coins?


1. The risk of speculating coins, as we all know, bitcoin prices fluctuate too much every day. Without professional knowledge and a big heart, it is easy to be smashed.

2. The domestic temporary closure of the Bitcoin trading platform, the bitcoin wallet registered online, the risk is also large (if you register a wallet on an exchange platform, the platform suddenly shut down, your bitcoin will be gone, )

3. If you invest 100,000 yuan and buy a bitcoin, how long does it take for this bitcoin to rise to 200,000?

4. However, if mining with bitcoin mining machine, mining income per day, although not much, but the risk is small, very stable, can also avoid risks. If the price of the currency rises, this cycle will be faster, and you can return to it in a few months. After you return to the book, the proceeds you have dug are all earned by yourself. This can be calculated from real-time data. Some people may say that if the price of the currency falls, is it that the cycle is getting longer? This is true, but you have to know that the short-term ups and downs have little impact on the miners, and it’s a big deal. The currency is squatting, and the price of the currency rises again.

5. Bitcoin mining machine mining, the basic annual income is about 200%, I think most of the wealth management products can not achieve annual income of about 200%, and relatively stable, although the speculative investment is high. However, the ups and downs are not acceptable to the average person, the risks are also high, and the few people who make money. What do you say?