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Bitcoin mining skills: teach you how to mine more easily

2019-08-30 17:45

Bitcoin mining skills: teach you how to mine more easily

Bitcoin mining is the basis for the entire Bitcoin system to survive. For the Bitcoin network to operate safely, the Bitcoin network generates an average of 12.5 BTCs per 10 minutes as a reward for miners. As a miner, as long as the bitcoin dug out can cover the cost of mining and has enough profit, then there is a reason to continue to dig bitcoin.


Bitcoin mining also has the following advantages:

1. From the logical point of view of the coin, mining is essentially another form of fixed investment, and has long-term and mandatory investment to avoid risks.

2. Regardless of the bitcoin bear market or the bull market, there is a return model.

3. The mining itself has a periodicity to follow.

But in a good industry, people naturally flock to it. The current mining peers have more competition, the difficulty of mining is increasing, the price of the currency is uncertain, and the national policy and the impact of the natural environment on the mine. Making mining more and more difficult...

How to mine more easily?

The mining machine should be selected. The mining machine market in 2019 is destined to be extraordinary. All major mining machine manufacturers have launched large-scale bitcoin mining machines this year, such as ant mining machine S17, ant T17, Shenma mine. Machine M20s and so on. At the same time, the small-scale mining machine has also undergone a comprehensive upgrade, and the new high-cost-performance mining machine such as the ant mining machine S9K and S9SE has been born. So for miners friends, how should we distinguish the price/performance ratio of a bitcoin mining machine? Here introduces an important parameter - energy efficiency ratio. Whether a mining machine is good or not is not simply a matter of calculating the amount of computing power. If you still have to look at the computing power, your understanding of mining may be just a little white.

Mining machine hosting depends on the spectrum, as the mining industry tends to be specialized and intensive, in general, from the purchase of mining machines to mining machine hosting to mining a lot of one-stop service. Mining platforms such as the mining machine mall will provide you with a hosting plan or docking many large and mature mines. At this time, the information source you get may be very limited, and it is easy to be confused by some low-cost interests, and finally fall into a trap. Considering the details of these levels from the power source/mineral infrastructure/supporting facilities/geographical location, it is very important for the mining of large mines.

Concentrated mining machine hosting benefits:

1. Most of the large mines are built in Sichuan, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places where electricity costs are low, so electricity costs are much cheaper than home appliances.

2. The noise of some mining machines will be very large, up to 90 decibels, affecting the surrounding environment.

3, the mining machine will generate a lot of heat in the work process, need to carry out heat dissipation, use air conditioning at home, very uneconomical.

4. The working process of the mining machine needs to be monitored by professionals 24 hours a day. If the mining machine is hosted, the time cost can be saved.

5, the use of mining machine mining requires professional operation and maintenance technology, can be set up, processing, etc., the average person is more difficult to learn.

6, cluster mining, single mining machine output will be higher, and the virtual currency dug can be directly exchanged.

Although the currency price is now fluctuating greatly, some people say that it is better to buy a mining machine than to buy a coin. In fact, it is not necessarily the case. If you buy a coin, you have to bear the risk of falling the price of the currency. As an investor, it is a wise choice to put a long line to catch big fish, look at the market with a long-term perspective, and buy mining machines to mine mineral coins. The RHY mine provides one-stop mining services such as mining machine hosting, mining machine leasing and cloud computing, and sells new mining machines. It adheres to the principle of customer-centered and provides quality and efficient hosting and mining for miners. service.