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Talking about the relationship between currency price and computing power from mining

2019-01-24 18:03

      There has always been a saying in the mining circle that the change in computing power is of reference value to the trend of the currency price. So, what is the relationship between computing power and currency price? First, to put it simply, the increase in computing power means that the mining machines involved in mining are increasing, and the increase in computing power has an impact on the mining cost and market competition of the mine owners.


      Speaking of the increase in computing power, let's talk about the factors affecting the computing power of Bitcoin. In the second half of last year, the price of mining machines fell sharply. Some mainstream miners also introduced ways to make concessions based on market conditions, such as The price adjustment of the ant mining machine and the Avalon mining machine has exceeded 50%.

      Therefore, at many second-hand mining machine trading websites, the price of second-hand mining machines of ant mining machine S9 is currently around 800-900 yuan, and the price of new mining machine of official website is 1510 yuan. Avalon's 7nm series products A921 and A920, the highest computing power is 20T, the latest official price in January 2019 is only 1,500 yuan up and down, currently sold out.

      Then we will talk about the relationship between currency price and computing power. The above shows that although the price of bitcoin is declining, with the decrease of mining machine cost, many miners are still willing to “batch the bottom” and the mining machine market does not. Shrinking. In addition, with the rapid iteration of mining machinery technology, major manufacturers compete to launch high-power, low-power mining machine products.

      At the end of July last year, Avalon launched the Avalon A921 with a 7nm chip. In August, Bitland released the S9Hydro water-cooled mining machine of the Ant Mine. In September, Shenma Mining also followed the release of the M10 mining machine with 16-nanometer chips. Many mining people have bluntly said that the competition of mining machine manufacturers has entered a stage of white-hot. The faster and faster iterative update speed has led to an increase in the overall shipments of the mining machinery industry. The dilemma of insufficient shipments is now very rare, and a large number of new mining machines support the huge calculation power of the mine.

      However, with the continued sluggish currency prices last year, many individual miners have been struggling, and large mines with cheap electricity bills are not affected by this, even when the price of coins is low to the price of many mining machines on the market. It is also possible to use low-cost electricity to mine at low cost, but many individual miners are hard to get past.

      Therefore, there has been an industry consensus at this time, the mining circle is being reshuffled, and mining will become more and more large-scale. Large mines and large miners with strong capital and cheap power resources will continue to occupy the living space of small miners. For example, in the early years, the RHY mines in overseas mines were laid out. With overseas mines in the Middle East and Georgia, the mining and mining charges were more than half cheaper than the domestic mines. The mining electricity fee of 0.3 yuan allowed many miners to choose the RHY mine. The mine can still dig a good income. Since the bear market, the mining lease and power lease of the RHY mine have been very hot, attracting the miners who are mining for low-cost mining.

      Therefore, despite the current bear market price decline, the large mines headed by the RHY mine continue to be deployed and continue to invest in mines to compete for power. As a result, we have seen that since last year Not only has the net computing power not fallen, but it has been increasing in volatility.

      Therefore, we can see that in the logical relationship between power and currency, the price is the cause, and the calculation is the result. The increase in the price of the currency amplifies the mining profit, attracts the large-scale entry of capital and miners, and causes the increase in computing power, which in turn affects the mine mining cost and market competition. Of course, if you want to earn a steady income from mining, you have to look at the price level of electricity.