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RHY mine specialization operation stabilizes bear market mining revenue

2019-01-18 17:45

     Although the recent price volatility has repeatedly fluctuated, many miners have turned their attention to the other side and started to discuss the topic that the bitcoin mining incentives will be halved again in 2020, saying that this may trigger the opening of the bitcoin bull market in 2021. Some miners may not understand the logic behind this topic when they hear this topic. Why does mining halving will cause a bull market?

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     In fact, in a nutshell, things are rare. When the miners who master the bitcoin supply and demand relationship are reduced to half, it will inevitably lead to an increase in the mining cost of Bitcoin. From another perspective, miners need to cash in Bitcoin to pay for mining costs. The halving of the mining incentives has led to a significant reduction in the bitcoin that can be sold, which has reduced the selling pressure and pushed the price of the currency up. So many mining circles have been bluntly saying that mining is going to be early.

When will the third mining award be halved?

     The current block is close to the 550,000 blockchain, and there are 80,000 blocks from the 630000 block. If there is a block of 10 minutes according to the standard, there will be about 550 days, that is, about one and a half years.

     At that time, the block reward is less than 10 bitcoins for the first time, and each block only rewards 6.25 bitcoins. Of course, this time is likely to be advanced. If you are fast, you should be able to see a halving of production by the beginning of 2020. Therefore, the bitcoin bull market in 2020 is worth looking forward to.

     However, it is impossible for any investment to have a unilateral rise and fall forever. It is because of the decline that more opportunities for entry are formed. The current downturn is such a situation, because today's mining industry is no longer a single market. Bitcoin mining is also mining from the CPU - GPU mining - professional mining machine mining, so the mining reward will be halved faster and faster.

     In the blockchain circle, the chain circle, the coin ring and the mining ring are already separated, the chain leader is the public chain, the coin ring leader is the exchange, and the mining ring leader is the mining machine manufacturer and the mine, the mining pool. . In the bitcoin computing market, miners and mines and mining pools have a large amount of computing power, which can affect the fluctuations of the currency price.

     While the currency price is fluctuating, the mining industry is constantly evolving. Different from the traditional mining methods, more and more miners are now participating in lower mining thresholds such as mining machine leasing and computing power purchases, which have achieved considerable return on assets and enjoyed the dividend of rising currency.

     Especially in November last year, Bitcoin plunged, and a large wave of mining machines on the Internet sold under the news. Based on professional large-scale low-cost mining, RHY overseas mines passed cheap electricity superior to their peers, as well as professional and stable mine operations. Dimension, withstood the impact of the continuous decline in the price of the currency, ensuring the normal operation and normal profitability of the mine.

     Now, the RHY mine has launched a power purchase activity at the lowest price of the whole network. It is reported that RHY mines have large mines in the Middle East and Georgia, with a scale of 900MW, which can accommodate 300,000 mining machine positions. Due to the abundant power resources in overseas areas, the electricity bill is very cheap, so the layout of RHY mines in overseas mining sites The mine's electricity cost is as low as 0.3 yuan. In addition, the RHY mine has abundant mining channels and excellent overseas operation and maintenance teams, which further reduces the mining cost and operation and maintenance cost of the mine, thus further maximizing the miners. Mining gains.

     On this New Year's Eve, the RHY mine launches a New Year's carnival to benefit the event. New miners will register for the 300 yuan mining lease coupon at the RHY mine platform to help you dig up Bitcoin at a lower cost and enjoy the rich mining ring. dividend.