Pangolinminer M10(1pac)

Pangolinminer M10(1pac) Mining Rental

Power2.4 kw/h x 1 units
Electricity Cost0.050 USD/kwh
Hashrate33 TH/s x 1 units
Est Daily Revenue

Each serving equals1table miner.Management fee not deducted.

0.00065236BTC/ per
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Actually paid
Pangolinminer M10(1pac) Mining Rental

1.About Pangolinminer M10

Pangolinminer M10, comprehensive comprehensive upgrade, stable income highlights the classic strength of the replica


2.Hashrate unit

The hashrate of each mine is 33TH/s.


3.Electricity Cost

The original electricity fee is 0.058USD / kwh, and the activity price is 0.049USD /kwh(prepaid monthly).


4.Service Charge

Collect 4% of mining output as maintenance fee which includes: mine maintenance and labor costs, substation construction costs, dual-line power supply expansion costs.


5.Mining income

The mining corresponding to the contract is mined in the partner ant mine pool The mine mining revenue can be referred to the ant mine pool


6.Revenue settlement

The estimated revenue is calculated by the actual operation of the digital currency network and will be dynamically changed for reference only. The actual contract revenue is the digital currency income after mining income minus maintenance fee; contract revenue is recorded per minute, daily at Beijing time 14 : 00 points settled yesterday's contract revenue, issued in days (24h).


7.Redemption of miners

In order to ensure the mining efficiency, all mining are operated in high-standard machine rooms, and mining in the ant pool, does not provide the mining pool selection function.The 720-day mining rental product does not have the ownership of the machine.


8.Termination of contract

If the customer fails to pay the electricity bill on time, the contract is frozen, the freezing period is more than 5 days, and the contract is terminated. The expiration of the contract is automatically terminated, and the 720-day mining rental product does not have the ownership of the mining machine.

9.Purchase instructions 

Before you place an order, please carefully understand the product. If you are not sure, you can contact customer service. Once the order is placed, it indicates that the product has been approved and no refund will be given.


The price of digital currency often fluctuates greatly, and the difficulty of mining in each currency is adjusted regularly. A drop in the price of the currency or an increase in difficulty will result in a lower return on each mining contract. Whether in terms of digital currency or legal currency, this mining contract does not guarantee that users can return to the book. Users need to carefully assess their risk tolerance and invest in digital currency mining within acceptable risk limits.

Mining type
Pangolinminer M10
1TH/s means 1 trillion calculations per second, representing the calculation speed of digging bitcoin per second
33 TH/s x 1 units
Mining Price
Est Daily Revenue?
Each serving equals1table miner.Management fee not deducted.
warranty ?
Mining maintenance will be undertaken by the platform during warranty
720 days
Power ?
2.4kw/h x 1units
Electricity Cost
0.058 USD/kwh
0.050 USD/kwh
Position fee?
The aircraft fee includes: the infrastructure of the mine infrastructure, the substation, the substation switch room, the cable input, the cooling system and other equipment room infrastructure.
116 USD/units
0 USD/units
Maintenance fee ?
The maintenance fee is also called the management fee. The management fee is the mine maintenance, the maintenance of the mine machine, the replacement of spare parts for the mining machine parts, and the maintenance of the mine cooling system. The management fee is the deduction of management fees from the proceeds of digital assets.
Online date
Pre-output analysis comparison
Mining type Hashrate Electricity Cost Power Electricity fee/day Gross income/day ?
The currency used for this revenue calculation comes from the data and is updated every ten minutes.
Net income/day ?
The currency used for this revenue calculation comes from the data and is updated every ten minutes.
Electricity cost ratio Shutdown currency price ?
The shutdown price refers to the price of the miner’s miner that is not enough to pay for the electricity cost of mining. It can also be understood as the mining cost price of a certain coin.
Current currency price ?
The currency used for this revenue calculation comes from the data and is updated every ten minutes.
Back to the number of days
Pangolinminer M10(1pac) 33 X 1TH $0.036 2.4 X 1KW $2.072 $5.411 $3.339
$3,176.072 $8,293.763 288
Pangolinminer M10(1pac) 33 X 1TH $0.050 2.4 X 1KW $2.901 $5.411 $2.510
$4,446.501 $8,293.763 383
Pangolinminer M10(1pac) 33 X 1TH $0.058 2.4 X 1KW $3.315 $5.411 $2.095
$5,081.715 $8,293.763 459

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Comparing to so many kinds of business types then choose mining rental finally. This business type is very convenient and time-saving, it has saved so many steps, no worry about the running process and can get profit per day. Do recommend this!!!!

Reviewer:L.V 2019-09-17

worth a great deal of money.

Reviewer:Chris 2019-08-23

My friend told me this one and I tried, excellent experience.


I could sit here and write all about the specs on this M10 but they are already in the description. this is exactly what I needed, I am so happy with this product.

Reviewer:Brain 2019-08-21

I bought this in June 2019. It worked well and totally worth.

Reviewer:Christian 2019-08-21

Will invest more on this one.


Nice product and customer service.

Reviewer:Rudy 2019-08-19

I browsed a lot of companies and finally chose this one, as it is a list company and professional there, and it turns out that I am right. I get profit per day and really no worry about the runing process. Thanks god!

Reviewer:Collina 2019-08-16