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Sichuan mines illegally built bitcoin mines were cleared. Miners fled to overseas mines

2019-06-05 17:32

Sichuan mines illegally built bitcoin mines were cleared. Miners fled to overseas mines

The Sichuan mine is the main concentration of the domestic mines during the wet season, especially in Kangding City, Ganzi, Sichuan Province. It enters the Dadu River during the flood season, and the water flow is rushing and the water is rumbling. In the Dadu Riverside Power Station, the Bitcoin mining machine of the Bitcoin mine that has been "sleeping" for half a year will be restarted again, unveiling the tide of bitcoin mining in this year's flood season.


However, for the Sichuan mines in the hot season of the flood season, senior miners said that these Sichuan provinces are unstable and there is a risk of power outages and shutdowns. Because these mines purchase electricity for the nearby power stations, there is no EIA for the mining plant. Not reported to be built, suspected of illegal construction, some factories even built on the river embankment.

Mine miners reveal: Many Sichuan mines are suspected of illegal construction for low-cost electricity

At the end of May, the price of the currency rose to $8,903 (about RMB 61,000), which is a new high this year. Senior miner Xiao Wu said that although he does not speculate on bitcoin, as a mining machine with thousands of bitcoins, he is very concerned about the price of the currency. Starting from April 30 this year, Bitcoin has started an upward trend. It has risen from more than 5,000 US dollars, and has continuously broken through the 6000, 7000, and 8000 US dollars in less than a month, and once approached the $9000 mark.

This has led to an increasing number of people involved in Bitcoin mining. Because of this, 70% of the world's Bitcoin is produced in China, and 70% of China's mines are in Sichuan, especially in the Dadu River Basin where water and electricity are abundant. This is the concentration of Sichuan mines. In addition, domestic mines are often located in remote areas with developed power and low electricity costs, such as Xinjiang, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, and Sichuan. One of the words circulating in the mining circle is that the Sichuan mine has become the natural “mineral capital” of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin mining is actually an operation. The computer keeps running for 24 hours. Thousands of computers form a "mine pool", which is calculated around a formula. After calculation, a bitcoin is obtained. “You can dig up to ten bitcoins in a day. Even if the income from mining is very high, nearly 50% of the proceeds will be used to pay for electricity. Therefore, many bitcoin mines have a direct view of the direct power supply of the power station.” Xiao Wu revealed Because the direct power supply of the power station does not need to be integrated into the national power grid, the cost is very low. Many mines are built directly in or near the power station and build substations themselves.

Because it is Bitcoin mining, the factory can not be established, there is no EIA and newspaper construction, suspected of illegal construction, power station direct sales of electricity is also against the power law. Xiaowu said that this is the current status of most mines. The closer the mine is to the power station, the more money it saves.

According to many miners, the mining machines here are from all over the country, mostly in Sichuan, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shenzhen and other places. The miners have their own mining machines in the mines. They pay the electricity and plane fees. Margin, etc., waiting for the coin. “In the period of abundant water, the mining machine will return to the Sichuan mine one after another.” Xiaowu said that mining is like migratory birds, moving to Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang in winter and returning to Sichuan and Yunnan with lower electricity prices in summer. A “mine owner” revealed that because the power supply agreement with the power station was slower, the construction of the factory could not go through the EIA and newspaper construction procedures. “This is very common in the Dadu River Basin. After repairing, I will try to make up the procedures.”

Government response: There is indeed a violation of the mine phenomenon

The Kangding Municipal Development and Reform Commission said that it had not received any approval for the Bitcoin mining plant related projects; Kangding City Economic and Trade Bureau said that it did not receive reports from Bitcoin and big data related enterprises; Kangding City Land and Resources Bureau was responsible for People said that they have received some township reactions, and there are indeed suspected violations of the construction of bitcoin mining plants. At present, the working group is led by the Economic and Information Bureau, and the bitcoin mining on the Dadu River is being explored. The behavior is cleaned up.

The relevant person in charge of the Kangding City Economic and Trade Bureau also said that Ganzi Prefecture does not allow Bitcoin mining, and they have not yet received the filing of related projects. If there is bitcoin in the investment promotion, it is not allowed. Some senior miners said that this indicates that there is still a relatively large risk in mining these mines in the domestic Sichuan mines.

On the one hand, the risk of policy supervision, many mines are cost-effective, construction is not in compliance, it is very easy to be investigated and shut down by the relevant departments, once it is investigated and shut down, the loss of miners will be very huge, on the other hand, In the Sichuan mines during the flood season, the power supply was not as stable as it was supposed to be. Because of the concentration of mining machines, there was often a blackout. Some platform mines broke out during the flood season, which was for the miners. The loss is also very large. Therefore, in order to avoid these risks, many miners have chosen overseas mines with clearer power supply policies.


According to the well-known overseas

mine RHY mine, they have been exposed to a lot of miners from the Sichuan mines in the domestic flood season. They have suffered from irregular power outages at these mines in the domestic Sichuan mine. They have more mining machines on hand, and they are worried about the supervision of these mines in the domestic Sichuan mines. Therefore, in order to avoid the existing and future risks, they choose to go mining in the sea. After all, many overseas regions are welcome to bitcoin mining. For example, in the RHY mine, its mine in the Middle East is the land approved by the local government. The electricity bill is as low as $0.0275 per kWh. These mine advantages have attracted many domestic miners. It is understood that the current capacity of the mine site is almost at the tipping point.