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Talking about the relationship between bitcoin computing power and currency price from bitcoin mining machine mining

2019-06-04 18:00

Talking about the relationship between bitcoin computing power and currency price from bitcoin mining machine mining

The difficulty of mining bitcoin has been increasing by 10% in the past few months after a continuous decline of nearly half a year. Currently, there is a tendency to continue to adjust upwards. There has always been a saying in the industry that the change in computing power has an important reference value for the trend of Bitcoin. So, what is the relationship between bitcoin computing power and currency price? First, we need to analyze what causes the change in computing power. In short, the increase in computing power means that there are more Bitcoin mining machines involved in mining, and the factors affecting Bitcoin computing power are as follows.


Bitcoin mining machine priceIn the second half of last year, the price of bitcoin mining machine dropped sharply. Some mainstream miners also introduced some profit-making based on the market. For example, the price adjustment of ant mining machine, Avalon mining machine and Shenma mining machine exceeded 50. %.

On the mining website of RHY Mining Machinery Mall, the price of second-hand mining machine of ant mining machine S9 is currently about 115.7977-130.2724 US dollars, and the price of new mining machine of official website is 218.5682 US dollars. Avalon's 7nm series products A921 and A920, the highest computing power is 20T, the latest official price in January 2019 is only 217.1207 US dollars up and down, currently sold out.

This shows that although the price of Bitcoin is declining, with the reduction of mining machine costs, many mine owners are still willing to “bottom” and the mining machine market has not shrunk. Recently, the continuous increase in the price of the currency has also made this batch of miners who have laid out the bottom-end mining machine in advance to make a big profit.

R&D progress of Bitcoin mining machine

With the rapid iteration of mining machinery technology, major manufacturers compete to launch high-computing, low-power mining machine products. At the end of July last year, Avalon launched the A921 mining machine equipped with a 7nm chip. In August, the ant miner released the S9 Hydro water-cooled mining machine. In September, the Shenma mining machine also followed the release of the M10 mining machine with a 16-nanometer chip. Many experts said that the competition of mining machine manufacturers has entered a stage of white-hot.

The ever-increasing iteration speed has led to an increase in the overall shipments of the mining machinery industry. The dilemma of insufficient shipments is now very rare, and a large number of new mining machines support the huge calculation power of the mine. In addition, the consensus within a mine circle is that the mining industry is reshuffling, and bitcoin mining is becoming more and more large-scale. After all, large miners with large capital and power resources can get relatively low electricity bills, and the power supply is stable.

Many miners have chosen low-cost overseas mines for layout mining. Because of the limited power resources during the domestic flood season, many domestic mines often have power outages and power cuts, which makes many miners miserable. The stable low-cost mines have become the toon of the miners in the bull market, and with the steady supply of electricity as low as $0.0275 per kWh, the RHY mine has become a more and more domestic miners shifting mining layouts. Choice, domestic Sichuan mines, Northwest mines, these water-saving period, the power is very limited, the miners on the hands of the mining machine is very passive, so a stable power supply without power outages in the low-cost mine is a very urgent need for miners in the bull market of.

The relationship between computing power and currency price

According to the difficulty setting of Bitcoin, the amount of Bitcoin dug out in a fixed period of time is generally stable, and the increase in computing power will not affect the output of Bitcoin, and will not warm up the price of Bitcoin. Have an impact. Simply put, "the power will not affect the price of the currency, but the price of the currency will affect the calculation power." When the price of the coin rises, the profit of the miner will increase, and more mining machines will be purchased. The new mining machine has a high computing power. More, leading to an increase in the overall computing power of Bitcoin.

On the other hand, a total of 21 million bitcoins have been dug up more than 80%, and will be halved by the third time around April 2020. By then, only 6.25 bitcoins will be produced in each new block. It is becoming scarcer, but the operation of the Bitcoin network has always required miners to maintain. If the price of the currency falls below the psychological price of the miners, the miners will not have a reasonable return on investment, which will affect the normal operation of the network. From this perspective, although there is no direct correlation between currency price and computing power, the industry can only develop healthily if the currency price remains within a desired range.

Therefore, in the logical relationship between power and currency, the price is the cause, and the calculation is the result. The increase in the price of the currency amplifies the profit of mining, attracts capital, and increases the computing power, which in turn affects the mining cost and market competition of the miners.