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RHY mine evaluation bitcoin wallet - Kushen hardware wallet Pro 3

2019-05-31 18:18

RHY mine evaluation bitcoin wallet - Kushen hardware wallet Pro 3

Bitcoin wallet is an extremely important part of bitcoin mining. Banks with considerable digital assets play a role in storing and transferring assets. In this bank, if nothing else, all assets will be kept by you through the private key, and no one can interfere. However, in actual use, the private key is almost inaccessible to the network, which seriously threatens the security of the assets, so many large households store their assets in a cold wallet. The Kushen wallet is a cold wallet specially designed for the safety of bitcoin mining assets. After undergoing technical improvement, this Pro 3 has become the choice of many miners, then Pro 3 is safe and used. What is the convenience? The following RHY mine will give you a review of this bitcoin wallet - Kushen Hardware Wallet Pro 3


Kushen wallet design logic

According to reports, Kushen Wallet is a cold wallet that can store Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and other blockchain assets. The wallet is used by the hardware side and the library god APP. The picture shows the hardware side of the library god wallet, also known as the cold end. The cold end is primarily responsible for generating private keys, building transactions, and digital signatures. The cold wallet is never in contact with the network during use, meaning that the wallet private key will never be stolen through the network.

Digital assets need to be transferred to the network, so the library god also needs the network-side APP, which is called the hot end. The hot-end link blockchain network is responsible for querying balances, broadcasting transactions, and monitoring asset dynamics. The hot end is downloaded to the mobile phone through the official website of the library.

The cold end hot end cooperates with each other to complete the transfer of digital assets. In the specific use, the hardware end and the APP end need to be verified, and the two ends communicate through the two-dimensional code or NFC. Therefore, the communication ensures that the private key does not contact the network, thereby ensuring the security of the private key. As shown in the figure below, when you use it for the first time or transfer, the hardware will display QR code or NFC communication. You can transfer the signed transfer to the network by opening the mobile APP and scanning the QR code or NFC to complete the transfer of assets. .

Cold wallets have always been the best way to save large amounts of assets, including exchanges and project parties using cold wallets to store assets. This kind of cold and heat isolation, and communication through QR code and NFC can be greatly improved. The security of the assets.

Operational ease of use


Kushen wallet parameters

The hardware side of the library god wallet is a mobile phone-like operating device, the system supports traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean; equipped with 13 million cameras; supports fingerprint unlocking; Type-C interface for easy charging; with multi-signature function; Get the best commission for the network.

The hardware side can set the user name, the overall appearance is beautiful and generous, and the feel is similar to the smartphone we usually use. There is a physical button on the right side of the fuselage due to the switch machine. There is a solid circular touch button in the lower part for return operation, the interface is clear, and the specific time can be displayed.

When using, the wallet will open the camera, identify the scene environment, and then randomly generate a string of seed passwords. The seed password can be selected from English, Chinese, and numbers. It is important to remember that the seed password cannot be photographed and cannot be stored on devices that are in contact with the network. After setting the seed password, you need to set the user password again, combine the user password and the seed password, and then generate the private key of different digital assets.

The seed password and the user password must be stored with paper notes. The Kushen wallet has just sent two paper cards to fill in the two passwords. The library god does not keep the password for the user. Once the password is lost, it means that the password is lost. Digital assets cannot be retrieved. However, if the hardware wallet is lost, you can purchase the new wallet again and retrieve it by importing the password.

In addition, in addition to the password backup needs attention, other aspects are very user-friendly. The hardware wallet is also easy to place, easy to hold in your hand, in a bag, or in a safe.

Comprehensive assets

The library god wallet Pro 3 newly supports EOS, ACT, IPC, GOD four currencies, fully supports the EOS ecosystem, and supports multi-signature management of multiple assets such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

So far, Kushen Wallet has supported Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethernet Classic, Bit Cash, Bit Gold, Dash, Ripple, New Dollar, Dogecoin, ZCASH, EOSSBTC, BCX, BCD, The mainstream currency including QTUM supports all ERC20-TOKEN. In terms of the comprehensiveness of assets, it can be said that it does not lose to any hot wallet, and it has truly achieved the comprehensiveness of assets.

The library god wallet is packaged, configured with a Type-C interface charging cable, a special protective cover for the hardware wallet, a manual, and a three-pack certificate. The whole is simple and generous, and there are some configurations. As a whole, it is a design-friendly, excellent wallet in asset security. Users in need can go to the RHY mine machine mall to buy the library god that suits you. wallet.