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RHY mine evaluation Dash coin mining machine artifact--Dr100-pro mining machine

2019-05-28 18:05

Dash Mine Machine Artifact--Dr100-pro Mining Machine

The Dash mining machine has been a relatively rare mining machine in the mining market, and the Dr series mining machine is one of the more important mining machines. The first mining machine of the Dr series mining machine, Dr Series Ver1 (referred to as Dr1) After continuous optimization and improvement, the Dr100-pro mining machine has become a relatively powerful Dashcoin mining machine. The following RHY mine will bring you the DrD series latest Dr. D100-pro evaluation of the Dr series. The mining machine adopts the latest developed chip, the standard calculation power is up to 17G, and it can automatically overclock.


Although the mining machine is a large calculation mining machine, but the hand feel is very light, it can be seen that the workmanship and materials are relatively solid, the controller has a metal cover, the data cable is a snap design, large capacitor, short air duct, double Cooling fan, all designed to facilitate stability.

The front of the mining machine is a 14cm cooling fan, and the wind enters the surface. The top of the front of the mining machine is the network cable interface and status light. On the side of the mining machine, it can be seen that the chassis is made of alloy plate, front and rear dual cooling fans, the top of the mining machine, and the mining machine is composed of four calculation plates. The front part is the mining machine controller and the controller power interface, the tail part is the power board power supply interface, and each power board has two pci-E6pin interfaces.

Installation and commissioning

The power supply for this test was a 1600w mine power supply (Gold Conversion Rate).

The Dr100-pro mining machine is very simple to install. There are two standard pci-E6pin interfaces on the four power boards, which are respectively connected.

After the power is turned on, the ip address of the mining machine can be input through the browser of any computer or mobile phone in the LAN, and the setting can be set in the background of the mining machine. The factory default ip of the factory miner is (if it is not the official machine ip address of the manufacturer) May be different,

First, the browser opens the mining machine, and then enters the password to enter the back of the mining machine. The default username and password are: admin

Then set up the mining pool

The mining machine runs only one step, and it can be run after entering the backstage of the mining machine and entering the mine pool page. Mine pool URL settings:

Mine pool 1 filled with stratum+tcp://

Mine pool 2 filled with stratum+tcp://

Mine 3 is filled with stratum+tcp://

Then fill in your miner and password (the miners and passwords are the same as shown in the figure), and finally click "Save Restart Mine".

Mine machine background default home page, graphical interface, all information at a glance. After the mining machine is set up, it will start running after about ten seconds. On this page, you can see the real-time status of the mining machine.

Dr100-pro mining machine test

The noise in this test room is about 39dBa, and the indoor temperature is about 30 degrees.

The default frequency is 300, long-term operation, the calculation power is between 16.5G-18.5G, and the average is about 17.2G. The calculation curve is stable without large fluctuations.

The power is measured at 832w.

In terms of noise, the fan speed is between 3660-3840 rpm, and the mining machine measures 86.4dBa at about 20cm.

In terms of temperature, the background temperature of the chip is 43 degrees, and the power board is 37-40 degrees.

The intake air inlet measured 32.6 degrees.

The hot air was measured at 35.2 degrees.

Fourth, overclocking test

Check the “Auto Frequent” option on the pool setting page to enter the automatic overclocking mode.

The measured overclocking power fluctuates between 18.5G and 19G.

The measured power is about 915w.

Dr100-pro mining machine summary

1. After a long period of operation, the average is about 17.2G, and the calculation curve is stable without large fluctuations.

2. The power measurement default frequency is 300, the calculation power is about 17.2G, and the power is about 832w.

3. There is a certain overclocking space. The measured power in the overclocking mode is 18.5G-19G and the power is 915w. Due to the hot weather in the south, if the temperature is even lower, the overclocking performance will be better.

4. In terms of temperature, the design of the mine air duct is short, the air volume of the double cooling fan is large, the temperature of the chip is not high, and the temperature difference between the front and the back is not large, which is beneficial to the stability of the mining machine.

5. The only shortcoming is the noise level, reaching 86.4dBa, but this is also a common phenomenon in large-scale mining machines.

6. This mining machine is designed with emphasis on stability from both hardware and software. It is easy to operate and easy to use. The performance of the measured stability is good.