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Is the Dash mining machine new? Pansi is about to launch 8nm Dash Mine

2019-05-25 17:52

Is the Dash mining machine new? Pansi is about to launch 8nm Dash Mine

Dash has always been a small currency that many miners like to dig, but there are not many Dash mines on the market. Therefore, the launch of the powerful Dash Mine will attract the attention and choice of miners. Pan-Semiconductor will launch a new Dash mine in October this year. It is understood that this new Panstar coin mining machine will use Samsung 8nm chip, with a single machine power of up to 1.5T ( 1500G), the power consumption of the whole wall is about 1.5kw, the overall energy efficiency ratio is 1G/1W, and the current Pans X7 Dash Miner chip is 22nm.


The mining machine produced by Pansi has always been superior, from the Menga X (12.96G/1110W) Lyra2rev2 algorithm of the Mengnai (MONA) mining machine, the Pansi X6 (860M/1160W) Scrypt algorithm of the Litecoin (Ltc) mining machine The Dash mining machine with the X7 (262G/1420W) X11 algorithm has been well received by miners. Among them, the Pansi X7 Dash Mine is the highest Dasicoin mining machine on the current mining ring. The officially announced stand-alone power is 262G, the wall power consumption is 1420w, and the overall energy efficiency ratio is 1G/5.42W. It has already sold up to 3,000+ units, and it is expected that shipments will reach 10,000 units after July. The X7, which was launched in October, will be significantly upgraded before the comparison between computing power and energy efficiency.

However, when talking about Dash, there will be some miners who don’t understand it. Here is the science: Dash is an anonymous encrypted digital currency that realizes instant sending and anonymous sending through a distributed master node network, with a total issued amount of about 18.9 million. The release was stopped in 2300. Using the X11 algorithm, miners account for 45% of the Dash block rewards, 45% of the main nodes, and 10% of the budget system. The block time is 2.5 minutes and 550 blocks are produced every day. The current block reward is 3.11 DASH and the miner reward is 1.55 DASH.

The total network computing power of Dash Mining has reached 3.31P, which is the highest record in history and has exceeded 3.237p in early November 2018. Since Dash set a record high of $1,490 (about 10,000 yuan) at the end of 2017, although the price of the currency has shrunk by 95% (minimum of $58.5 to about $400), the computing power has remained stable and even has increase. In the current situation where Bitcoin has triumphed and other currencies have been sucked up, Dash prices have steadily moved forward with small fluctuations, and its latest currency price has exceeded 1,000 yuan ($145). The current market value is about 8.2 billion yuan, ranking 13th.

In addition to the calculation power, the number of Dash master nodes has also increased, and is approaching the previous record. Currently, there are 4,832 active master nodes on the Dash network, which is almost the same as the February record (4912). It is believed that with the recovery of the Canadian market and the listing of the new Dash Minerals, Dash will also become the focus of the next wave of new mining machines.