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This country actually wants to use nuclear energy to mine

2019-04-23 18:19

This country actually wants to use nuclear energy to mine

Wind power mining and thermal power mining have heard more, but you have heard of nuclear mining. It is understood that recently, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko proposed to build a large data center near the local nuclear power plant as a bitcoin mining. The place. He said in a statement that they intend to build mines, mine and sell bitcoins. In addition, he stated that Belarus plans to fully support digital assets and the local digital economy.


It can be seen that, unlike those project parties, Belarus is really not giving up plans to develop the digital economy. Last year, Belarus legalized encryption activities within the High Tech Park (HTP). On March 28, 2018, the Presidential Decree on the Development of the Digital Economy came into effect. Before January 1, 2023, the decree will introduce tax incentives and other incentives for encryption companies.

The Belarusian authorities believe that the local area has sufficient resources and will have sufficient cheap energy to power its mining and profit from mining activities. Recently, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko reiterated the government's vision to protect and develop the digital industry and promised that there will be sufficient resources to achieve this goal. He said that Belarus will soon use excess electricity to power the new bitcoin mining mine.

Belarus is currently constructing a new nuclear power plant (NPP) in the Astravyets area of the Grodno area, close to the Lithuanian border. The nuclear power plant will have two nuclear reactors. The first unit is scheduled to be operational by the end of the year and the second unit will begin to generate electricity in the summer of 2020. The total capacity of the new nuclear power plant will be around 2,400 megawatts.

It is worth mentioning that although we advocate saving electricity, in fact, power generation capacity is surplus. In particular, because of the difficulty in storage and the high cost, a large part of the electricity generated is wasted, which is more important for a nuclear power plant with a high construction cost. Some analysts joked: "The nuclear power plant has finally found a new way out." "The power researcher finally has to become a fragrant, but did not expect such a way."

For the use of nuclear power to dig bitcoin, this move is good for bitcoin, but the cost of nuclear energy is not low, more miners choose cheaper power resources, such as the Middle East's power resources as low as 0.01040 US dollars, RHY mine In the Middle East, a large-scale mine was set up, with electricity costs as low as 0.02824 US dollars per minute for domestic and foreign miners to mine. Miners can choose different mining methods such as cloud computing power, mining machine leasing and mining machine hosting to carry out mining, which is still more realistic than nuclear mining.