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What is the difference between an ant mine machine and a computer?

2019-04-22 18:17

What is the difference between an ant mine machine and a computer?

Bitcoin mining as a relatively high-yielding investment has been recognized by more and more investors, but there are also many novice miners who are ignorant of bitcoin mining, they will ask the mining machine to dig What is mine, why do you need Bitcoin mining machines? What is the difference between a Bitcoin mining machine and a regular computer? What are the standards for bitcoin mining machines? In this regard, RHY mines sort out the common sense of this series of mining machines and explain to the majority of miners what is the difference between ant mining machines and computers.


Why do Bitcoin mining require ASIC mining machines?

When Satoshi Satoshi designed Bitcoin, he originally hoped that people would use home computers to mine and use the computing power of the CPU to collide with the hash to obtain Bitcoin. In January 2009, the average computing power of the whole network was 5.899 megabytes (M), and the difficulty of the whole network was 1, with a total of 2,494 blocks, equivalent to 124,700 bitcoins. At the same time, mainstream CPU chips such as the Core 2 Duo E8400 have a computing power of 6.9Mhash/s. So at that time, computer enthusiasts could easily mine at home or in Internet cafes. However, because the CPU is designed to handle general-purpose complex instructions (CISC), the calculation speed of the SHA256 algorithm for mining is not ideal.

With the influx of miners, the computing power of ordinary chips has shown a weak trend. The development of Bitcoin mining machine chips has gone through four processes from CPU, GPU, FPGA to ASIC. In this process, the chip that provides the computing power has gradually shifted from the general type to the mining-specific type.

After sacrificing general-purpose computing power, the mining capabilities and efficiency of ASIC mining machines have also increased. For specific algorithm requirements, ASICs have smaller size, lower power consumption, higher reliability, and lower unit cost than mass-produced integrated circuits.

Bitcoin mining is a repetitive calculation under a specific algorithm, so the application of ASIC solutions will greatly improve the performance of the chip.

What is the difference between an ASIC miner and a computer?

The Bitcoin mining machine is a computer that specializes in mining procedures and cannot do anything other than mining. Can't play Super Mario, can't pick mushrooms, and can't use WeChat. The difference between the two is similar to the difference between the Formula 1 car and the ordinary family car. The F1 is faster, but it can't do anything except the game; the ordinary car can't match the speed of F1, but it is more widely used in daily life.

For example, the current ant mining machine series ant mining machine s9i, the computing power reached 14TH / s, the price of the whole machine is only 416.1589 US dollars, the power consumption is 1500W. In contrast, the current computer flagship graphics card NVIDIA Titan RTX single card price of 2972.4146 US dollars, power consumption of more than 280W, but the mining power will not exceed 60MH / s, and the ant mining machine s9i computing power difference of hundreds of thousands Times.

What is the standard for picking Bitcoin mining machines?

Mining power

For example, the current network computing power is 43.75 EH / s, the entire network difficulty 6.07T, 24 hours output 1800 bitcoin. Then the 20T computing machine theoretically produces about 0.000827 bitcoins per day, about $3.2327.

2. Power;

Power represents the power consumption rate of the Bitcoin miner. A 1000W mining machine consumes 24 degrees in 24 hours.

3. Mining cost.

In terms of electricity consumption, the current domestic price of dry electricity during the dry season is 0.05202 US dollars / kWh. A mining machine that consumes 24 degrees per day has a power cost of $1.2485. On the network side, the mining machine has low requirements on the network, and the 1M bandwidth can bring 150 mining machines, and the cost can be neglected.

4. Mining back to this cycle.

Back to the cycle = mining machine price / (daily income - electricity fee), the return cycle is only the theoretical calculation of the number of days, the bitcoin market is changing every day, the difficulty of computing is also increasing, coupled with the mining pool and trading Therefore, it is difficult to try to calculate the exact return time.

However, it should be noted that when buying Bitcoin mining machines, we should not only focus on high computing power and pursue the limit. The ant mining machine is composed of dozens or even hundreds of ASIC chips, and the computing power can be increased without an upper limit, but high computing power also means With high power consumption, power consumption will also increase. The cost of electricity for mining is also greatly increased. At this time, it is very necessary to choose a mine with low electricity cost. It is different from the electricity fee of 0.05202 US dollars to 0.007331 US dollars for domestic mines. The price of 0.02973 US dollars, it is understood that the price of electricity in the RHY mine in the Middle East is as low as 0.02824 US dollars per kWh. Compared with the domestic electricity price, it is nearly half cheaper. Don't underestimate this one-dollar, one year of mining. Electricity bills may vary by hundreds of thousands of electricity bills.