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A text to understand the history of bitcoin mining machine development

2019-04-17 14:45

A text to understand the history of bitcoin mining machine development

The emergence of Bitcoin has driven the emergence of Bitcoin mining machines, but many miners may be familiar with the history of Bitcoin, but they are more ignorant about the history of Bitcoin mining machines. Although everyone has seen the current ant mining machine, Avalon mining machine and Shenma mining machine in the bitcoin mining machine market, but in fact, the development history of bitcoin mining machine is a game of on-site copyright power, The competition, the interest game, finally formed the face of the current mining machine.

Bitcoin mining machine Genesis

On January 3, 2009, Bitcoin founder Nakamoto used a multi-core CPU to dig up the Bitcoin creation block. From that day on, the mining industry was born. Nakamoto focuses on the fair mechanism. The initial mining of Bitcoin is not very difficult. He hopes to give the votes to everyone and let everyone have the right to vote.

It now appears that it is his ideal "golden age", an era of universal participation. Everyone can participate in mining with an ordinary home computer. An ordinary CPU carries the bitcoin belief of the first batch of miners.

With the increase in the number of miners, the difficulty of mining the whole network is increasing, and the ordinary CPU computing speed can no longer meet the mining algorithm with higher difficulty. In July 2010, a miner took the lead in successfully realizing mining with a personal GPU, opening a new era of mining.


In fact, Nakamoto has also expected that chips with more computing power will break the mining style of the previous hand-workshop. He called for the drafting of a "gentleman agreement" to postpone the arrival of the arms race. In his opinion, CPU mining is the best choice for popularizing Bitcoin.

However, the super-powerful performance of the GPU has made the miners rush. From being sought after to being ignored, the CPU chip took only a few months. The choice of miners' consumption has truly promoted the development of the mining machine, and the GPU mining machine has continued to pay for their beliefs.

Therefore, the miners defined 2010 as the year of the GPU mining machine.

Bitcoin mining machine Bronze Age

However, the GPU mining machine has not yet established a foothold, and new challengers are already ahead. In February 2011, the price of Bitcoin exceeded $1 for the first time, and it climbed to $30 in June. The ever-increasing new currency price has spurred the miners' nerves. A stronger computing power means a greater return on investment. Urgent market demand boosts the speed of innovation. In mid-2011, the first FPGA bitcoin mining machine appeared on the market. This is the first professional chip design for mining. By combining multiple FPGAs, you can provide multiple mining power support.

Due to the high cost of the development and production of the mine, a manufacturer called the Butterfly Mine tried the first mining crowdfunding. But in the end, because the delivery could not be due, the butterfly mine machine was defeated and became a loser. The iteration of the FPGA mining machine was in a deadlock.

At the same time, this "butterfly incident" has brought a sense of crisis to the industry. People are worried that mining machine manufacturers such as butterflies may realize a monopoly of computing power and launch a 51% power attack. In response, in January 2013, the Avalon mining team successfully launched the world's first ASIC supercomputer chip A3256 for digital blockchain computing and the corresponding mineral product Avalon 1 generation. Although the ASIC mining machine and the FPGA were not mature at the time, history always favored the latecomers with innovative genes. In the face of the ever-increasing power of the ASIC mining machine, the FPGA parry was weak.

The ASIC mining machine created by the Avalon mining machine team has raised the bitcoin's computing power to a new dimension, and it is a must in the competition.

Bitcoin mining machine silver age

The advent of ASIC mining machines has opened up an era in which chip developers are arguing and arguing. A large number of mining machine manufacturers, in the short-term appearance of the power competition, collapsed, buried in the dust of history, the particles are not. Among the more famous ones are: pigeon, ASICME, MQH, dragon mine, fish, 42BTC.

In the second half of 2013, the roast cat mining machine has launched a number of ASIC-based mining machines, such as 13G blade miners, 10GMini miners, and 38G BOX miners. With a precise timing and strong R&D iteration capabilities, Avalon and Roasted Cat became the dominant players in the two major mines.

At the end of 2013, Bitcoin began to grow wild, rising from $207 to $1,149. Accompanied by this is the substantial increase in computing power and increased difficulty. Avalon 2 generation came into being, equipped with a self-developed 55-nanometer ASIC chip, the computing power increased by 75% compared with the previous generation, and was sought after by the miners. At that time, the highest single-machine price was fired to 18,000. In the same month, Bitland announced the official entry into the market with the ant mining machine S1.

The miners who were holding the calculation pass were dressed up for dinner, ready to enjoy the feast on the table, and a gust of wind turned the table over.

Bitcoin mining machine ice age

In December 2013, the central bank and other five ministries and commissions issued the "Notice on the Prevention of Bitcoin Risk", which raised doubts about the consensus of digital currency, and the industry was hit hard. For a time, bitcoin volume was greatly enlarged, and the price plummeted to $600. As we all know, miners' expectations of bitcoin prices directly affect their value judgment on mining machines.

On that day, all the miners felt the sharp contrast between ice and fire. However, the sluggish bitcoin market did not hinder the R&D investment of mining machine manufacturers. Avalon and Bitland are competing for countdown. In April 2014, Avalon was officially delivered in 3 generations. In 2013, Bit China, which launched the first ant mining machine, iterated four versions in one year. With a keen market sense, it continued to set up an camp, and occupied a larger market share in less than one year. Become the biggest winner of the Bitcoin mining machine.

In terms of marketing methods, ant mining machines usually adjust prices according to market conditions. Taking the ant mining machine S9 as an example, in March 2018, the ant mining machine official website made three price adjustments. According to the price, it is divided into different batches. The delivery time for each batch is also different.

For consumers who buy at a high price in the short term, in order to dispel their dissatisfaction, the ant mining machine usually issues a coupon with a fixed face value as compensation, which can be directly used for the repurchase of the mining machine. The compensation amount of each mining machine can usually reach more than 65% of the difference of the mining machine.

Bitcoin mining machine golden age

In 2015, Bitcoin's ice age ended and bitcoin warmed up. Once the richly-rich mines were left, only Bitian and Jianan Zhizhi were left.

In the harsh external environment, only the ever-expanding, competitive mining machine manufacturers can survive.

The survivors who survived have a deeper understanding of the industry and technology, as well as superior capital flows. From June 2015 to June 2016, Ant Mining Machine has launched S5+, S7 and S9, among which the arion mining machine S9 has a computing power of 14TH/S. In November of the same year, Avalon completed the mass production and shipment of the Avalon mining machine A7, with a calculation power of 7.3T. During this period, at the level of product development, the bituminous continent is much faster than Avalon.

However, in the following year, Bitcoin did not launch an upgraded bitcoin mining machine. The ant mining machine S9 is the mining machine with the highest return rate at that stage, and it is also the most powerful mining machine. Until the end of 2017, Avalon launched the A841 model that competes with it. In March of this year, the Avalon mining machine A851 was released, and the performance was upgraded based on the Avalon A841. The calculation power was as high as 14.5T. The power of the ant S9 is overtaken.

From 2015 to 2017, the recovery of the mining industry and even the heat contributed to the development of mining machinery manufacturers. The annual compound growth rate of the business of Jialong Zhizhi, the parent company of Avalon Mining Machinery, is even as high as 423.7%.

On the other hand, the internal environment of the industry in the new era is also undergoing tremendous changes, the most concerned of which is the exponential growth of the computing power of Bitcoin. The out-of-control computing power has laid a crisis for mining machine manufacturers. Even if the miners now have the most advanced mining machines, it is difficult to guarantee that they can make a steady profit. It is also increasingly highlighting the importance of mining electricity bills. As we all know, electricity bills are the biggest cost of bitcoin mining. Whether the miners are the latest mining machines or old mining machines, the price of electricity is their biggest concern.

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