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Bitcoin mining machine mining does not choose mining machine hosting mining is a big loss

2019-04-11 19:43

Bitcoin mining mining was only a hobby a few years ago, and it was possible to mine on a home computer. With the development of bitcoin mining, the emergence of professional bitcoin mining machines, mining began to enter the era of equipment competition, and then the intervention of capital, the power is monopolized in the hands of the big mine. Therefore, it is almost impossible for an individual miner to engage in bitcoin mining in this situation. The noise pollution and power consumption of the mining machine make the miners unhappy. In this case, the mining machine is managed to mine. It came into being and was known and chosen by miners.


What is mining machine hosting?

In the simple case of mining machine hosting, you put the purchased mining machine in the professional mine of the hosting platform, and then the mine will provide you with the mining pool, and provide special maintenance. Of course, the electricity price that these hosting platforms can get. They are very low, and they don't have to worry about the legitimacy of these platforms. They are definitely in line with national standards. Professional things are still to be done by professionals. This is the truth.

What are the benefits of mining machine hosting?

1. Low electricity costs and reduced electricity costs.

2. The mining machine is noisy, and it is difficult to eliminate noise by personal mining.

3, mining machinery mining management, maintenance, software upgrades, etc. need to have professional knowledge, the average person is difficult to cover everything.

4, mining machine needs 24 hours supervision, mining machine hosting can save time costs. Mining machine hosting can ensure favorable geographical location and bandwidth resources, etc., and mining benefits are higher.

Mine-managed mining and mining can well solve the pain points of small and medium-sized miners and ordinary users participating in mining thresholds, making it possible for users to remotely mine through the network and insert the bitcoin generated by the mining machine into the user's account. . Don't worry about deploying mines, don't worry about daily management and maintenance, buying expensive ant mining machines, and managing mining machines. Another important advantage is that some hosting platforms are able to dig up investors' mining machines. The bitcoin is directly cashed, which also eliminates some investors' worries about the inability to cash in Bitcoin. This convenient investment method is a good choice for small white users, professional miners and large mining users.

The rise of the mining machine custody business undoubtedly marks the arrival of the mining era of the whole people, and to invest in bitcoin mining, we must start from the choice of a large-scale mine hosting platform! For example, the advantages of the RHY mine are very obvious:

1. From the mining machine production, the construction of the mining pool to the investment layout, the ecological system is perfectly applied. There is no need for the miner to consign the mining machine to the mine, no need to build a mine, and save a lot of mine costs. Save money to buy more mining machines, greatly reducing start-up time and maximizing miners' revenue.

2, 24 hours to dig bitcoin, the miners through the network real-time monitoring, understand the mining machine's digging bitcoin income, peace of mind and peace of mind.

3, platform customer service docking service, any problem directly contact customer service, saving time and worry.

In general, mining machine managed mining to save you mining machine costs, electricity costs, construction mine costs, away from noise, RHY mines help you quickly gain more revenue from mining machine hosting mining!