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Bitcoin launches ant mining machine S17 Pro to dig bitcoin energy efficiency ratio as low as 36J/T

2019-04-09 18:21

Bitcoin launches ant mining machine S17 Pro to dig bitcoin energy efficiency ratio as low as 36J/T

The pace of upgrading the ant mining machine began to increase speed this year. Some time ago, the ant mining machine S17 and the ant mining machine Z11 were just launched, and the ant mining machine S17 Pro also followed. According to official parameters, the Ant Mine S17 Pro is available in 53T and 50T versions, both of which support standard, low power and high performance mining modes. In the standard mode, the ant S17 Pro has a computing power of 53 TH/s and 50 TH/s, respectively, and an energy efficiency ratio of 39.5 J/T. The low-power mode is suitable for miners with strong energy-saving requirements, with an energy efficiency ratio of 36 J/T.


Bitcoin released the second-generation self-developed 7nm chip BM1397 in February. According to reports, the BM1397 uses TSMC FinFET technology, which has higher chip integration and better heat dissipation. The single chip integrates more than 1 billion transistors. Thanks to the enhancement of the second-generation 7nm chip in terms of circuit structure and low-power technology, the performance of the S17 Pro can be significantly improved. S17 Pro also continues the S17's cooling technology and global optimization customization scheme, fully considering the factors from the chip architecture to the economics of the whole machine, and achieves global optimization by strengthening the core part while taking into account the optimization of other modules.

Compared with the previous generation products, the ant mining machine S17 Pro fuselage continues the S15 double-tube fan design, the wind speed is shortened by half, the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the mining machine becomes smaller, and the machine performance is improved. The ant S17 Pro uses a high-power power supply to ensure the stability of the operation of the mining machine.

In addition to the release of the ant mining machine S17 Pro, Bitland also launched another 7nm ant mining machine S17. The S17 is available in both 56T and 53T versions and supports both standard mode and low power modes. In standard mode, the power of ant S17 is as high as 56T, and the energy efficiency ratio is 45J/T. In low power mode, the energy efficiency ratio of ant S17 is as low as 42 J/T. At present, the ant mining machine S17, S17 Pro have been simultaneously logged into the official website of the mainland, and will be officially launched at 2 pm on April 9.

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