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Look at the mining return cycle through the mainstream bitcoin mining machine cost-effective PK

2019-09-06 17:57

Look at the mining return cycle through the mainstream bitcoin mining machine cost-effective PK

Everyone is interested in the issue of bitcoin mining machine mining, but the mining of the mainstream bitcoin mining machine is like, and everyone may not be clear. Because it is generally necessary to calculate the pure profit of mining, we need to know two elements, one is the mining revenue, and the other is the mining cost. Below we will take a look at the mining cycle of the mainstream Bitcoin mining of Ant Mining Machine, Avalon Mining Machine and Shenma Mining Machine.


Let's take the ant mining machine s9 as an example. We can see that the power of the ant mining machine S9 is 14T. The bitcoin that can be dug out every day is 0.000349, then we have the price of the recent bitcoin of 70,000 yuan (9843.3501 US dollars). To convert, the income of that ant S9 one day mining is about 24.43 yuan (3.4353 US dollars). Then, after knowing the benefits, let's calculate its mining cost. In terms of cost, it is estimated that many people only consider the cost of mining machines, and forgetting the cost of mine mining power is also an important part, so we have to calculate the cost of electricity. Then the power consumption of the ant mining machine S9 is 38.40 degrees a day, and the price of industrial electricity is 0.4 yuan (0.05625 US dollars). The power consumption per day is 15.36 yuan (2.1599 US dollars). With the benefits and costs, we can calculate the net mining income of the ant mining machine S9, which is 9.07 yuan (1.2754 US dollars).

At present, there are still many mining machine brands on the market. For example, the mining time returned by the ant mining machine S9 is still a bit longer, and the price/performance ratio will be relatively low. I believe the miners are more concerned about some. The mining machine with the highest power is also listed as a reference for several mainstream mining machines. Generally, the return time of the mining machines currently on the market is mostly pressed for about 8 months. For example, the basic return time of the core mining machine and the Avalon mining machine is about 8 months.

The world's largest bitcoin mining machine manufacturer is also a bit of the mainland, so the bit mainland ant mining machine, although the price is relatively high, and then back to this time will be longer. But relatively speaking, the performance and stability of the ant mining machine are quite excellent. The biggest drawback is expensive. If you look at other products, you may still be able to accept it, but if the mining machine is too expensive, it will affect its return time and revenue.


Relatively speaking, the price/performance ratio of the core mining machine is still relatively high among several brands. Compared with the ant mining machine, its performance will be slightly lower, and the calculation will be somewhat fluctuating. However, it provides four modes. With the mode of switching costs based on cost budget, currency price and market conditions, it provides more choices for mining students.


For the Shenma mining machine, the biggest problem is that the power is relatively high and the power consumption is relatively high. However, the stability of the early Shenma mining machine will be more entangled, but after the launch of the Shenma one machine, its stability will rise straight up. It is said that the latest Shenma mining machine calculation curve can actually run into a straight line... Therefore, if you don't mind the consumption of electricity, the power and stability of the Shenma mining machine is worth considering.


However, when it comes to stability, the Avalon mining machine is known for this. It is said that Avalon's frame can be left without regard to him. Emmm is concerned about this point. Although many mining machines are so called, it seems that it can only be done in such a Buddhist system. However, the disadvantage is that Avalon's mining machine is relatively high in precision, so it is more difficult to repair. And Avalon mining machine power is a big calculation, but the fly in the ointment is that there are some power consumption problems. Similarly, if you don't mind the high electricity bill, then Avalon can also be considered.