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Ant mining machine S17 will be on sale in stock or into a bit of mainland explosives mining machine

2019-03-30 18:22

Ant mining machine S17 will be on sale in stock or into a bit of mainland explosives mining machine

Bitcoin officially announced the spot release time of the new S17 series of the second-generation 7nm ant mining machine. It is reported that the three new ant mining machines, Ant S17 Pro, Ant S17 and Ant T17, will be on sale on the official website of Bitcoin on April 9.

The ant mining machine S17 series is equipped with the latest self-developed second-generation 7nm chip BM1397, which supports the SHA256 algorithm mining and can dig BTC, BCH and other digital currencies. According to the data from Bitcoin, the BM1397 integrates more than 1 billion transistors per chip, and has been continuously optimized in terms of circuit structure and low-power technology. The energy efficiency of the chip is as low as 30J/T, which is about 28.6% higher than that of the previous generation. .

In terms of the overall performance of the ant mining machine S17, the ant S17 will adopt a new cooling technology and a global optimization customization scheme, fully considering the factors from the chip architecture to the economics of the whole machine, and strengthening the core part while taking into account the optimization of other modules. Globally optimal. Therefore, the overall performance of the new ant mineral machine S17 series will be more stable.

It is reported that Bitumin has invested a large amount of research and development resources in recent years to continuously optimize and upgrade the chip design. Consolidate and strengthen industry strengths and core competencies through technical iterations. Previously, Bitland was the first to release the first generation 7nm mining chip BM1391, which was applied to the ant mining machine S15 and T15 to open the 7nm low-power mining era.


At present, the new ant mineral machine S17 has not been officially launched, but its low energy efficiency ratio has been widely concerned by the industry. The industry believes that the most obvious feature of mining is "from electricity to electricity", the combined effect of currency price, electricity price and network computing power is the key to determine whether the mining machine can be turned on. In pursuit of low electricity bills, many miners have moved overseas to mine. According to the leading overseas mine, the RHY mine, the overseas mines have been chasing heat in the past two years mainly because of cheap electricity bills, and the RHY mines in the Middle East. 

There is an electricity bill as low as 0.02834 US dollars per kWh. Under this electricity fee, cloud computing mining and mining machine rental mining can save a lot of mining costs, and the new energy product ratio of the concentrator S17 series is introduced. Further reduction, mining efficiency will be upgraded to a level, or will become the miner's choice for the miners.