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Cloud computing power competition RHY cloud computing power straight down $ 17.9 per T

2019-03-26 17:31

Cloud computing power competition RHY cloud computing power straight down $ 17.9 per T

Cloud computing mining has always been a mining method that miners prefer. The miners purchase cloud computing contracts through the cloud computing platform, and lease a few shares of the mining machine to mine and obtain the proceeds of the coin. The biggest advantage of cloud computing is that miners don't need to buy expensive mining machines to mine. They only need to buy cloud computing contracts on the cloud computing platform to carry out cloud computing mining, which is very similar to our usual purchase of wealth management products. Convenient.


There are a lot of cloud computing power mining platforms on the market, but how to identify the reliable cloud computing platform is mainly to look at two points. The first one is to see if there are any real mines and mining machines in this cloud computing platform. Because as long as it is mining, it must be dug through the mining machine of the mine.

The second is to look at the cost. Most of the cloud computing products on the market basically charge two yuan. One is the calculation fee, which is equivalent to the “rent” of mining machine rental. It is also the source of the cost of recycling the mining machine. For example, we take the more popular Shenma mining machine M10 as an example. The 33T computing power, the official website sells 892.0181 US dollars and the accessories such as power supply. In theory, the price per T is about 29.8334 US dollars. Of course, the cloud computing power Product fees also include a hosting fee.

The escrow fee for cloud computing products is actually the packaging of mining electricity and operation and maintenance costs. At present, the average price of domestic mine electricity is generally 0.05221 US dollars / kWh - 0.05967 US dollars / kWh, because the platform needs to recover operation and maintenance and mine construction costs. So they will raise the electricity bill a bit and then spread the cost to each cloud computing product. Many mining unions do not understand the composition of the price per T in the cloud computing products. In fact, in the end, the cloud computing products of different platforms contain both the computing power and the custodian fee. Therefore, the final product price depends on the total amount of these two costs to get the actual price of a cloud computing product.

Many miners have doubts about the wide variety of cloud computing platforms and products on the market. They don't understand the price details of cloud computing products, so it is not clear how to choose a cloud computing product that suits them.

We compared the cloud computing products found on different cloud computing platforms in the market. Many products are overpriced. For example, XX Miners and XXGM have a 1T computing cost of more than $104.4168 a year because they seem cheap. The calculation of the cost, in fact, there are hidden low costs, such as custodian fees, electricity charges, these two costs they are not placed in the calculation of the price, only you place an order, every month to excavate to pay the electricity fee, only Know that this is also the cost of purchase.


Therefore, we want to choose reliable cloud computing products to focus on their packaging price, which is the annual comprehensive cost of cloud computing products. For example, the RHY mine, their annual comprehensive cost of 1T cloud computing power is about 380 yuan, the original price of 74.5835 US dollars 1T computing power, each T discount straight down 17.9 US dollars, and it already includes a year of electricity and management fees, public Transparent, no other charges. Compared with other cloud computing products, the 1T computing power of $74.5835 a year is really cheap.

The main reason for this is that the RHY mine has built a 450MW large-scale mine overseas, and the electricity bill has received a preferential price of 0.01492 US dollars. In the market, such a reliable platform with strong strength can be described as rare. After all, miners need to buy not only the mining power, but also an opportunity to participate in the mining feast.