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Ebang will produce 400,000 wing bit mines in 2019

2019-03-01 18:02

      The Wingbit Mine is a Bitcoin mining machine owned by Ebang. Because of its powerful performance, it has been loved and welcomed by miners. However, in the competition of Bitcoin mining, Wingbit Mining has lagged behind Ant mining machine and Avalon mining machine. In this regard, Ebang intends to capture a larger market share in 2019, and plans to produce 400,000 bitcoin mining machines in 2019. Ebang is the third largest mining machine manufacturer in the mining market. According to industry insiders, in the current situation, Ebang has a great chance of finding a breakthrough in mining competition.


      It is understood that the dynamics of Bitian and Jianan Zhizhi have been very low-key in recent times. Bitcoin has invested heavily in bitcoin cash since last year, stripping off bitcoin holdings, but BCH fell sharply in the bear market. The listing hope of Bitcoin is slowly being terminated.

      In addition, many negative news has been plaguing the Bittland. In addition to a series of layoffs at the end of December, there was media reports that Bitcoin lost $500 million in the third quarter of 2018. But Bittland responded that "the rumors are fake."

      Therefore, it is in such uncertain market conditions that Ebang decided to gamble once. According to Ebang's own data, the company produced 159,000 mining machines in 2017 and more than 390,000 units in the first half of 2018. Ebang said that “the income and gross profit of the three months ending in September 2018 decreased sharply compared with the first three months of June 30, 2018. However, Ebang decided to make a big investment in 2019, Wingbit Mine The planned output has increased to 400,000 units.

      In spite of the current sluggish currency price and mining machine sales, the mining machine industry can continue to operate by reducing costs and increasing mining revenue. This heavy responsibility is largely due to the control of hardware costs by mining machine manufacturers. .

      Based on this, the mine earns revenue by controlling lower operation and maintenance costs. At present, the RHY mine has a good cooperative relationship in Ebang. The wing bit mining machine has been purchasing, and it is the cost price procurement.

      At present, the most favorable thing for the mining machine industry is that the market has rebounded a lot since the beginning of 2019 and has eased. The energy consumption of chips in the supply chain is also reduced in the development of industrial technology. The mining industry has a tradition as a cryptocurrency industry. The field of industry traits has a stronger vitality.