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Is it better to mine in 2019 or buy coins?

2019-02-15 17:51

    Is it better to mine or buy coins? I believe this issue is not a problem for many new circles of Bitcoin. In fact, this question is really stupid, as if I asked you "Is it good to eat cabbage or eat radish?" You can fill your stomach, mainly to see if it is suitable for you, so we need to analyze this to suit mining. Still buying coins is good.


    In the Bitcoin circle, there is a very interesting metaphor. Like digging gold, "digging" bitcoin is called "mining", people who dig bitcoin are called "miners", and computers used to "dig" bitcoin. Known as the "mine machine." The "fried coins" are like stocks. They buy digital currency directly on the trading platform for trading. They do not need to "dig". They only need to convert the legal currency into a certain digital currency, and then use the digital currency to purchase other digital currencies. "Coin transaction"

    When the currency price is bullish, the price of the currency rises, and the number of coins is ten times as many as 100 times. Many people want to join the army of speculative coins and get rich overnight. However, the facts are always cruel. There are always very few people who can really make money. Most people are either kicked off the bus halfway or become a million-year-old leek.

    However, when the bear market is in the market, you will never know where the bottom is. At this time, people are very likely to panic, and the result of the panic is that the price of the currency has fallen again. False today, the value of your account is more than 1 million, maybe not until tomorrow, the amount on the book is only 700,000, and then in two days, the amount on the account may fall to 300,000.

    Maybe you will say, I will watch the plate, I will play the band, and I will stop the loss. Congratulations, you will be relatively smooth on the road to buying coins. However, we believe that the rise and fall of digital currency artificially-selling currency prices is not in accordance with the trend of the disk. The policy factors have a great impact on the price of the currency. I don’t know when to kill a dealer in the middle of the road. Ground leeks. Or unfortunately, the Bitcoin was stolen on the exchange, the exchange was forced to close by the state, and the exchange was running. Therefore, it is the heartbeat to play in the coin trading. If there is not enough psychological capacity and risk tolerance, it is better to stay away from it.

    In comparison, although the price of the mining machine is relatively high, the return time is relatively long, but since mining is a stable income investment, the daily income can be basically calculated, and there is no need to worry about the rise and fall of the currency price. If you regard this as an investment, mining is not as fast as speculating, but it is not as risky as speculation. It is a higher-yielding investment.

    And not to mention that we can't dig into Bitcoin, we are no longer digging alone, but we are digging together in the mining pool. The mining pool is a group of miners who are jointly mining. Similar to buying lottery tickets, the chances of a person buying a lottery are too low, then a few people buy this together and win the prize. Whoever has more miners will divide the bitcoin.

So what kind of investment is more cost-effective for mining and buying coins?

The advantages of buying coins are:

1. The investment threshold is low, and money can be done.

2, compared with mining needs to buy mining machines, paying high electricity bills, basically do not need to buy additional machines and tools.


1. Similar to stock trading, it requires a certain amount of knowledge and experience. (For example, familiar with the currency, keep an eye on the trading platform, market conditions of the currency circle, changes in policies, etc.)

2. High risk! Challenge the mindset! The reality is cruel. There are very few people who can make big money in real money. In the event that the bitcoin is stolen on the exchange, the exchange is forced to close by the state, and the exchange runs, the value of the currency will plummet and it will require a strong psychological endurance. Anti-risk ability. (For example, on June 20, the currency transaction of Bithumb, Korea's largest virtual currency trading platform, was stolen, and the loss was as high as 35 billion, causing the decline of major digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to exceed 2%. Since the platform did not include property damages. The stolen can not get insurance compensation. Although Bithumb promised to bear the loss of the user's stolen assets, but the user is worried that the platform can not compensate, but also to see the price drop, enough to plug.)

Advantages of mining:

1. The risk is small, as long as the cost can be controlled and scaled up, the profit is very considerable.

When the price of the currency rises, the profit of mining may be slightly less than that of direct speculation, but it can still be earned; when the price of the currency falls, the currency will be excavated more than expected due to the lack of calculation. When the price of the coin is high, the miner can sell the currency that has been dug; if the price of the coin does not meet the psychological expectation, the miner can choose the coin and wait for the currency to rise.

2. Peace of mind, mining only needs to set the mining procedures, do daily maintenance to ensure the operation of the mining machine, and the mine custody business completely liberated the miners, there are many online mining platforms to provide a full range of hosting Services, such as the RHY mine, can view the income situation in real time every day, sit and wait for accounts, and mine electricity costs compared to most mines, you can achieve 0.025$  per mile of mining electricity.


1. The difficulty of mining is increasing and the income is declining. For example, bitcoin halved every four years of income, miners either increase their investment to increase their computing power, or accept the reality of real income decline.

2. In the early stage of mining, there are related expenses such as mining machine, workshop, energy consumption, etc. In particular, the annual electricity cost of a mining machine is generally 1000, and the expensive is more than 1300 Therefore, the relatively large cost of mining is electricity. At this time, it is undoubtedly a relatively important thing to choose a low-cost mine. For example, the low-cost mine RHY overseas mine with a price of 0.025$ per minute is one of the best choices for miners to profit mining.

    There are other factors affecting the profit of mining, such as skyrocketing power, falling currency prices, systemic risks, policies, etc., but the risk is much smaller than the speculative currency.

    Speaking of this, you should already understand the difference between the two modes. If you have strong anti-risk ability and you have a long-term plan to hold the currency, you can buy coins. If you are an ordinary investor, then I advise you to mine. After all, recover the cost first, and then earn a steady income.