1. What is mining machine rental and how does it work?

Mining machine rental services are usually provided by large-scale mining companies. Members could sign the contract directly on RHY.com, which includes the renting, shipping, hosting and maintaining service, to earn cryptocurrencies mined by the relevant hashrate.

2. What is the advantage of renting a mining machine compared with owning one?

As the shipping, hosting and maintaining of the renting mining machine would be taken care of by professional teams, renting a mining machine would save more time and resources than owning, which make customers gain profits easily.

3. Why RHY.com, what's our advantage?

a. Higher investment efficiency, needs only 1 second's preparation after the investment.

b. Fewer cost. In spite of the low cost's electricity, the cost of shipping, hosting and maintaining are also competitive.

c. More professional technical team. Our team's consist of experienced mining specialists, could maximize the income of our customers.

d. Guaranteed strength. We are cooperating with thousands of mine field globally, which have large-scale of power stations and mine field supported by local government in Georgia, Kuwait, Iceland, Ukraine and Canada.

e. Higher security. More factors of verification and real-time guarantee, make your withdrawn free and safe.

4. How to purchase our service?

Customers could login RHY.com, click the 'mining rental' button and choose preferred package. After the contracts' are signed, the services' are purchased.

5. Which are our packages?

For BTC mining, we have T9-10, T9-100, S9i-100; for ETH, we have 372M-5, ETH 372M-20, and are still keeping update.

6. How to get the profit?

Directly withdraw to your wallet. we are not cooperating with any other 3rd party, so the process would be safety and efficiency.

7. Where are the mining fields of RHY.com?

Our mining fields are located globally, including Georgia, Kuwait, Iceland, Ukraine and Canada.