$ 8628.01


$ 8628.01
Last Price ¥ 10719.21 million
Change -3.15%
power 106.22 EH/s
Daily output 0.00001702 BTC / T
$ 164.37


$ 164.37
Last Price ¥ 1229.72 million
Change -5.75%
power 152.32 TH/s
Daily output 0.00008322 ETH / M
$ 18.3577


$ 18.3577
Last Price ¥ 12.78 million
Change -10.67%
power 411.00 PH/s
Daily output 0.00000734 DCR / T
$ 56.38


$ 56.38
Last Price ¥ 247.06 million
Change -8.19%
power 160.17 TH/s
Daily output 0.00004460 LTC / M
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$ 331.16
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power 3.68 EH/s
Daily output 0.00045998 BCH / T
  • Service agreemen

In accordance with the Chinese relevant laws and regulations, in accordance with the principles of equality, voluntariness, fairness, mutual benefit and honesty and trustworthiness, mining product cooperation. The product information is subject to the website. Once the order is placed, it indicates that the product has been approved and no refund will be given.

I. The service content and model

1.1 Mining machine leasing

1.1.1 The leasing package as follows:


1.1.2 Party A chooses to purchase the leasing package           . The quantity is:         copies, the total lease fee is: RMB        yuan (lower case:RMB        yuan). The lease term is        days, starting from the date of mining online (including the day).

1.1.3 Payment model: Within one working day after the contract hereto is signed, Party A shall pay Party B a total lease fee at one time, and the total lease fee shall be paid in one lump sum.

1.2 Mining machine hosting

Party A hereafter entrusts the leased mining machine to Party B for management, and Party B shall provide Party A with custody services and therefor collects electricity and management fees. The escrow period shall be the same as the lease term, which is calculated from the day when the mining machine is online (including the day).

1.2.1 Mining power consumption and monthly electricity bill (calculated 24 hours a day, 30 days a month):


1.2.2 Party A chooses to purchase the rental package       . The total electricity consumption is monthly:        KWH,  and the monthly electricity fee is: RMB      yuan (lower case:RMB        yuan).

1.2.3 Payment model: The electricity fee is calculated on a monthly basis, and the monthly cycle is calculated on the 30th. The monthly cycle begins on the day of mining (including the day), and Party A should start before the monthly cycle. Pay the next month's electricity bill to Party B within one working day. Upon expiration of the lease custody period, if the last month's cycle is less than 30 days, Party A shall pay the monthly electricity fee according to the actual number of days. The electricity fee for the month of the contract is paid within 1 working day after the contract is signed.

1.2.4 Party B's payment method shall be either Alipay or bank transfer:

Alipay name: Hangzhou Interconncted Cloud Computing Co., Ltd.

Alipay account number:

Bank Account: Hangzhou Interconncted Cloud Computing Co., Ltd.

Bank: Bank of China Hangzhou Xiasha Branch, A/C No: 375368657522

1.2.5 Management fee calculation and deduction

The management fee is 9% of the daily mining revenue of Party A, including mine maintenance, mining machine launch, mining machine deployment, and mine maintenance. The management fee will be deducted by Party B from the total daily mining revenue of Party A.

1.3 Changes in expenses: Management fees and electricity charges are subject to market conditions (such as: rising or falling of electricity prices during the wet season, dry season, national policies, etc., and the increase and decrease of management and construction costs). Party B shall have the right to adjust according to market price. The right to know, the specific price is subject to the notice of Party B.

1.4 Income distribution

1.4.1 After Party A entrusts the mining machine to Party B for management to go online, the daily mining income can be based on the fixed value of the factory equipment and the official calculation of the BTC and ETH official calculations. Quote reference data provided by third-party platforms (ant mine pool, fire coin pool).

1.4.2 Apply before 16:00 on the same day, Party B will remit the digital assets to the account which designated by Party A within T+1 working day. Apply after 16:00 on the same day, Party B will remit the digital assets to the account which designated by Party A within T+2 working day.


Party A's Bitcoin account address:                                                                   

Party A's Ethcoin account address:                                                                   


II. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

2.1 Party A's rights and obligations

2.1.1 Party A shall have the right to obtain the digital assets generated by the mining machine according to the mining capacity of the leased host.

2.1.2 If Party A terminates the lease custody in advance, Party B has the right to terminate this contract accordingly, and the fees paid by Party A will not be refunded.

2.1.3 Party A shall pay Party B according to the contract and pay the fee according to the agreement. Party B has the right to terminate this contract and investigate Party A's liability for breach of contract. The fees paid by Party A will not be refunded.

2.2 Party B's rights and obligations

2.2.1 After the contract is signed, Party B will go online to lease the package of Party A.

2.2.2 After Party B collects the contracted fees, it guarantees the normal operation of the mining machine for two years.

2.2.3 Party B ensures that the power supply of the mining machine is stable and there is no power outage, except for force majeure.


III. Liability for breaching

3.1 Both parties shall perform the rights and obligations of the parties in strict manners in accordance with this contract hereof. In the event of a breaching, the defaulting party shall compensate the observant party for all losses caused thereby to the observant party.

3.2 If there is power outage, mine or mining machine damage caused by force majeure such as natural disasters (floods, mudslides, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.), policy influences (national publication documents, etc.), war, political turmoil, etc., Party B shall not bear any responsibility. If the force majeure is not resolved within 7 days, the contract will be automatically terminated and the parties will not be held accountable. The fees paid by Party A will not be refunded.


IV. Risk Reminders

4.1 The digital currency market is a brand-new market with 24-hour open trading and no price limit. The currency value has a large uncertainty, and even a short-term ups and downs may occur. There is a high risk, and Party A needs to understand and choose carefully.

4.2 This contract hereto does not involve digital asset transactions. If Party A participates in the third party's digital asset transactions, it shall bear the responsibility and risks.

4.3 Party A hereby understands and accepts that if the objective conditions of the formulation or revision of relevant national laws, regulations and normative documents change, and the mining behavior is suspended or prohibited, the contract will be automatically terminated and the parties shall not pursue each other. Responsibility, the resulting losses must be borne by themselves, and the fees paid by Party A will not be refunded.