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Mine fan

Mine fan

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$7.00 $7.00

1. This product needs to be paid in full, logistics freight to pay, the specific freight needs to contact the logistics provider;

2. Delivery time: 3-5 days after payment;

3. After placing the order, please remember to contact the RHY staff to determine the current price of the miner's accessories. The price is not determined with the staff, and the payment order is invalid.

4. Please select the payment method in time after placing the order. If the order is not selected, the payment cannot be confirmed.


Size :120*120*38mm

Voltage: DC12v

Current :Nominal 4.8A

Air volume :252.85cfm (7.16m3/min)

Weight: 0.351kg

Noise: 66.5db(A)

Power :57.6w

Interface: Motherboard 4p+ power supply 4D dual power supply interface

Line length :35cm

Working life :80000 hours when the ambient temperature is 25 degrees


1. The chassis is deformed or the heat sink is off. Please do not apply power and contact the after-sales service.

2. You cannot use two power supplies with the same power board.


1.If the chassis is deformed or the heat sink is off,please do not power on,contact after-sales service

2.Cannot use two power supplise with the same power board


1. After placing the order, remember to contact the bee RHY staff to determine the current price of the mining. The price is not determined with the staff member and the payment is invalid.

2. After the order is placed, the payment method is selected. If the order is not selected, the payment cannot be confirmed.

risk warning:

The price of the currency also affects the price of the mining parts. After the payment, the order quantity and price of the order are locked. The price of the currency increases, the order will not increase the price, and the price of the currency will fall. The order will not be refunded.

After sale

Mining parts are different from consumer electronic products, but products that are specially customized according to customer needs and used for investment. Investment needs to be cautious.

The after-sales service policy of this product is as follows. Once purchased, it is considered as an approval of this policy.

1. Once you have paid for the mining parts, you will enter the ordering process and cannot return the goods. Please order carefully.

2. The warranty period of the mining parts is 30 days from the date of shipment (contact the mining manufacturer for warranty).

3. Due to market fluctuations, the price of the product may be adjusted at any time after your purchase. We do not accept the obligation of prior notice and price compensation.