Bitcoin credit, loan USDT, annual interest rate 6%

Bitcoin moves bricks, protects the capital, and annualizes 20% or more

RHY mine scene

Speed Money For Loan

High credit rate & low interest rate Unlimited use of funds

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4 Revenue sharing

Digital asset moving brick mode

BTC, ETF, USDT and other digital assets

Robust mode

Guaranteed share

product type Expected earnings (12 months)
BTC 20%
ETH 20%
USDT 15%

Aggressive mode

The historical maximum retracement rate is 10%-20%

Product type (radical trend, not guaranteed) Expected earnings (6 months) Expected earnings (12 months)
BTC 70% 90%
ETH 70% 90%
USDT 40% 50%
Product type (mixed strategy, not guaranteed) Expected earnings (6 months) Expected earnings (12 months)
BTC 40% 45%
ETH 40% 45%
USDT 35% 40%

Team Advantage

RHY moving brick team, using the advantages in the field of moving bricks, has built a low-latency system based on full C++ compiled IT infrastructure and self-developed; from 2018 to the present, RHY team has a brick-and-mortar win rate of over 85%, sustainable The contracted strategy has a winning percentage of 90%. In the mid-low frequency cycle, the RHY team used a multi-factor strategy (including factor neutral and factor exposure strategies) to create an efficient but complex and efficient process for mining Alpha factors, evaluating Alpha factors, and improving Alpha factors. Based on the effective factors of more than 100 different cycles, technical forms and market environments accumulated in the stock and futures markets, the RHY team has explored more than 40 factors that are effective for digital assets (divided into trend-following, mean- Reverting, trend-following and mean-reverting mixed three types, and continuously mining new factors for the characteristics of digital assets such as information on the chain, combining multi-factor, multi-cycle, multi-strategy and position management to achieve risks and benefits. balance.