$ 9148.2


$ 9148.2
Last Price ¥ 11721.45 million
Change -4.24%
power 109.46 EH/s
Daily output 0.00001624 BTC / T
$ 238.5


$ 238.5
Last Price ¥ 1839.02 million
Change -8.56%
power 166.98 TH/s
Daily output 0.00007736 ETH / M
$ 18.6721


$ 18.6721
Last Price ¥ 13.39 million
Change -10.65%
power 336.85 PH/s
Daily output 0.00000861 DCR / G
$ 68.04


$ 68.04
Last Price ¥ 306.90 million
Change -8.19%
power 176.72 TH/s
Daily output 0.00004208 LTC / M
$ 335.56


$ 335.56
Last Price ¥ 432.65 million
Change -9.16%
power 4.15 EH/s
Daily output 0.00046603 BCH / T
Avalon A10 (futures)

Avalon A10 (futures)

Delivery timeAt the end of August 2019
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Service Method Send by post
Delivery Address China
Actually paid
$1376.00 $1901.00

1. This product contain power supply, it needs to be paid in full, and the logistics costs are self-care;

2. Delivery time:At the end of August 2019




Wall power consumption


Chip type

(16nmA3205 chip) 240 pieces

Mining machine size


Operation temperature


Networking connection mode

Net weight

Net weight



1.If the chassis is deformed or the heat sink is off,please do not power on,contact after-sales service

2.Cannot use two power supplise with the same power board


1. After placing the order, remember to contact the staff to determine the current price of the mining machine. If the price is not communicated with the staff member, the payment is invalid.

2. After the order is placed, the payment method is selected. If the order is not selected, the payment cannot be confirmed.



risk propmt:

The price of the currency determines the value of the mining machine. After the payment, the quantity and price of the order are locked. The price of the currency increases. The order will not increase the price, the price of the currency will fall, and no refund will be made.

After sale

Mining machines are different from consumer electronics products, but products that are specially customized according to customer needs and used for investment. Investment needs to be cautious. The after-sales service policy of this product is as follows. Once purchased, it is deemed to agree to this policy.

1. Once the payment, enter the ordering process; can not be refunded can not be returned, please be careful to order.

The mining machine is specially customized for the corresponding program algorithm. It can only be used for mining. After the mining machine is sold; the goods cannot be returned and cannot be refunded. If there is any quality problem, RHY promises to assist the repair and replacement according to the relevant manufacturer's after-sales policy.

2. Due to market fluctuations, the price of the product may be adjusted at any time after your purchase. We do not undertake the obligation of prior notice and price compensation.

3. Actual product may not match image description

The mining machine is frequently updated, so the products you receive may not be exactly the same as the pictures and product descriptions. Please refer to the goods received, we will update the product descriptions and ensure the accuracy of the nominal calculations. This will bring you inconvenience, please forgive me!

4. The second-hand mining machine products purchased on the RHY platform are used mining machine products, which are not guaranteed to be calculated and repaired. Except for products marked as new and with warranty.

Pre-output analysis comparison
Mining type Hashrate Electricity Cost Power Electricity fee/day Gross income/day ?
The currency used for this revenue calculation comes from the data and is updated every ten minutes.
Net income/day ?
The currency used for this revenue calculation comes from the data and is updated every ten minutes.
Electricity cost ratio Shutdown currency price ?
The shutdown price refers to the price of the miner’s miner that is not enough to pay for the electricity cost of mining. It can also be understood as the mining cost price of a certain coin.
Current currency price ?
The currency used for this revenue calculation comes from the data and is updated every ten minutes.
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Avalon A10 (futures) 31 X 1TH $0.035 1.736 X 1KW $1.477 $4.596 $3.118
$2,934.703 $9,128.652 442
Avalon A10 (futures) 31 X 1TH $0.050 1.736 X 1KW $2.068 $4.596 $2.527
$4,108.584 $9,128.652 545
Avalon A10 (futures) 31 X 1TH $0.057 1.736 X 1KW $2.364 $4.596 $2.232
$4,695.525 $9,128.652 617