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Coldlar  P3

Coldlar P3

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Delivery Address China
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$622.00 $650.00

1. This product must be paid in full, and the logistics freight will be paid;

2. Delivery time: The same day before 6 o'clock on the same day, the next day delivery will be made after 6 o'clock;


Name: Coldlar  Pro 3

Screen size: 3.97 inches

Screen material: IPS

Body material: stainless steel middle frame + glass back cover

Fingerprint unlock: support

Model: P3

Screen resolution: 640 x 1136

Rear camera: 13 million pixels

Body color: black

NFC function: support

Size and weight

Height: 123mm

Width: 62.5mm

Thickness: 8.6mm

Weight: 163g

Power and battery

Shutdown standby time: 28 days

Battery capacity: 1400 mAh

Boot standby time: 15 days

Charging port: Type-C


1.If the chassis is deformed or the heat sink is off,please do not power on,contact after-sales service

2.Cannot use two power supplise with the same power board


1. After placing the order, remember to contact the RHY staff to determine the current price of the hardware wallet. The price is not determined with the staff member and the payment is invalid.

2. After the order is placed, the payment method is selected. If the order is not selected, the payment cannot be confirmed.

After sale

The after-sales service policy of this product is as follows. Once purchased, it is considered as an approval of this policy.

1. Once you have paid for the hardware wallet, you will enter the ordering process and cannot return it. Please order it carefully.

2. The warranty period for this product is 365 days from the date of shipment (contact the hardware wallet manufacturer for warranty).

3. Due to market fluctuations, the price of the product may be adjusted at any time after your purchase. We do not accept the obligation of prior notice and price compensation.