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Bitcoin mining machine in short supply, hot market triggered cloud computing power mining boom

2019-06-10 15:01

Hot market triggered cloud computing power mining boom

This year's flood season was delayed by 10 days to 15 days. The mines such as the Yunnan Mine in Yunnan Mine lacked water and electricity, which affected the mining of the mine. Since April, the price of coins has continued to climb, and the difficulty of bitcoin mining has reached a new high. The demand for large-scale bitcoin mining machines has begun to increase significantly. The arbitrage machine s17 and other large-scale Bitcoin mining machines have been in short supply. Phenomenon, the price of mining machines is also climbing, although the large-scale mining machine is "hard to find a machine." But this still does not stop the miners' enthusiasm for mining.


Bitcoin mining machines can only be booked, and many miners say that the spot price of the big bitcoin mining machine is in stark contrast to the 2018 sold. It is said that the new spot ant mining machine has gone to around 25,000. Some industry experts said that the mining machine war has started, and mining coins have formed a new round of investment boom, which is like a bull market in 2017.

For the bitcoin mining machine with great computing power, the demand for the market has started to increase significantly in April. On April 9th, Bittland officially released the ant mining machine S17, which is the second generation 7nm chip (BM1397) mining machine of Bitland, including three models of ant mining machine S17Pro, ant mining machine S17 and ant mining machine T17. Due to the small computing power of ant T17, the market is not as concerned as the two models of ant S17Pro and ant S17. Since May, the price of Bitcoin has reached a maximum of about US$9082/piece. On April 1, the price of the currency was US$4,085/piece, and the highest increase in the past two months was 122.32%. As a result, mining coins have once again become high-yield investment projects.

At present, the new bitcoin mining machine developed by mainstream miner manufacturers on the market has the main features of high computing power and low power consumption. The greater the power, the faster the block, and the lower the power consumption, the smaller the cost. Ant mining machine S17Pro computing power is 53HT / S, the whole machine power consumption is 2094W, energy efficiency ratio 39.5J / TH, the current official website futures delivery time, August 1st, 2019 - August 31, 1919. The ant mining machine S17 has a power of 53HT/S, the power consumption of the whole machine is 2385W, and the energy efficiency ratio is 45J/TH. The current delivery time of the official website is September 1st, 2019, September 30th, 2019.

Only this bitcoin mining machine can stand the risk. Some miners said that, therefore, the big computing power mining machine once again appeared in the market in short supply. As the market continues to pick up, many large institutions are also involved in mining. According to well-known figures in the industry, many listed companies and funds have invested in the layout of mines. Because people are expecting a rise in the price of the currency, whether it is reselling the mining machine or mining, the yield is excellent. The earliest people in the market who got the spot of ant S17, the yield of only the mining machine has exceeded 54.9%, far higher than the traditional investment projects. Capital investment is the main reason for the booming industry.

"The big computing power and low power consumption" is the characteristic of this year's new bitcoin mining machine. It is intended to gradually replace the original mining machine. The miners have started the battle of market share, mainly to halve the bitcoin production in 2020. In preparation for the new mining machine, the Avalon mining machine, the wing bit mining machine, the core mining machine, and the Shenma mining machine were also sold.

As the market picks up, the Bitcoin mining machine has become a hot investment.

Mainstream mining machines mainly look at the power consumption ratio. The larger the computing power, the faster the block is, and the lower the power consumption, the smaller the power consumption. In August and September, the large-scale power futures mining machine has scheduled hot flashes, and the market is currently accepting price increases. Many mining escrow parties, companies that disperse mining power and sell computing contracts, are facing contracts. The market is in short supply and the contract price is soaring, and the BTC output is declining. The calculation market is “one ticket is hard to find”. Because this hot market triggered the cloud computing power mining boom.

However, some experts said that in the face of such a large investment in new and old bitcoin mining machines, can the Sichuan mines and Yunnan mines in the domestic wet season be accepted? After all, last year, many Sichuan mines in the flood season exposed the negative events of power outages, which made many miners very hesitant and worried. In this regard, a considerable number of miners have chosen overseas mines where electricity tariffs are equally cheap, because overseas mines are not only cheaper, but also very stable.

According to the RHY mine that has been rooted in overseas mines for many years, the mine has accepted a large number of miners who have fought from the domestic flood season. They are very disappointed with the frequent blackouts in the domestic wet season mines. The mining was invested in overseas mines. And the national grid power supply, electricity costs as low as 0.0274 US dollars per degree RHY overseas mines become their other choice. It is understood that for the miners who like the big computing bitcoin mining machine - ant mining machine S17 these ant mining machines, RHY mine platform has everything. There are more kinds of mining services such as cloud computing, mining machine leasing and mining machine hosting for miners. The earlier the entry point of the currency price continues to rise, the greater the gains. After all, the currency price can wait for no one, and the miners should remember the 17-year hot market.