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RHY mine evaluation ant mining machine S17 Pro

2019-04-17 15:29

RHY mine evaluation ant mining machine S17 Pro

The Ant Mining Machine S17 Pro is the latest generation of mining machine products of Ant Mining Machine. It is equipped with the second generation 7nm chip BM1397 of Bitland, with a computing power of 53T. This is the highest performance SHA256 algorithm Bitcoin mining machine of Bit China. The ant mining machine S17 Pro was officially launched on the official website on April 9. In order to let the miners know more about the new flagship mining machine of the ant mining machine S17 Pro, the RHY mine showed the miner's artifacts to the miners through detailed evaluation.

Ant mining machine S17 Pro basic parameters

The basic parameters of the ant mining machine S17 Pro that everyone is most concerned about:

(taking the 53T version as an example)

(1-1) In low power mode, the maximum calculation power is typical calculation force *103%

(1-2) In the cool frequency mode, the maximum calculation power is the typical calculation power *103%

(1-3) Minimum power consumption on the wall: 25°C ambient temperature, minimum J/TH, typical calculation power value; wall power consumption maximum: 40°C ambient temperature, maximum J/TH, maximum calculation value

(1-4) Note: If it is not connected within the rated voltage range, the mining machine may be damaged.

(1-5) Typical input current: minimum reference power consumption, typical AC input voltage; maximum input current: maximum reference power consumption, minimum AC input voltage

(2-1) Include the size of the power supply (the power supply is placed upwards, which does not correspond to the size of the whole machine)

(2-2) contains power weight

(2-3) Maximum noise: The fan is at the maximum speed per minute.

Interpretation of mining machine product structure

The ant mining machine S17 Pro continues the design of the all-in-one and continuously optimizes the structure of the machine. The fuselage adopts a double-tube fan design, the wind speed is shortened by half, the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the mining machine becomes smaller, and the machine performance is greatly improved. In addition, the S17 Pro uses a new high-power power supply to ensure the stability of the operation of the mining machine.

The ant mining machine S17 Pro is equipped with two cooling fans on the front of the fuselage, and the rear end of the fuselage is a honeycomb cooling net. The right side of the fuselage is the power supply of the mining machine, which can be directly connected to the 220V power supply. The top of the miner is equipped with guards to protect the cables and internal components.


Four core highlights

Highlight 1: A second-generation 7nm chip, bitcoin mining is promising

The ant mining machine S17 Pro is equipped with the second-generation 7nm chip BM1397, which is based on the world's leading TSMC FinFET technology. It has higher integration and better heat dissipation. The single chip integrates more than 1 billion transistors. Thanks to the continuous enhancement of the second-generation 7nm chip in terms of circuit structure and low-power technology, the performance of the ant S17 Pro is significantly improved. In addition, the ant S17 Pro adopts a new cooling technology and a global optimization customization solution, fully considering the factors from the chip architecture to the economics of the whole machine, and achieves global optimization by strengthening the core part while taking into account the optimization of other modules.

Highlight 2: Double-tube fan cooling effectively improves mine performance

The ant mining machine S17 Pro fuselage continues the S15 double-tube fan design, which can shorten the wind speed of the mining machine by 50%, thus reducing the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the mining machine, and greatly improving the machine performance. In addition, the ant mining machine S17 Pro uses a new high-power power supply, which can effectively guarantee the stability of the mining machine operation.

Highlight 3: Provide three mining modes to meet individual mining needs

The Ant Mining S17 Pro is available in 53T and 50T versions and supports three mining modes, including standard mode, low power mode and high performance mode. In the standard mode, the ant S17 Pro has a computing power of 53 TH/s and 50 TH/s, respectively, and an energy efficiency ratio of 39.5 J/T. The low-power mode is suitable for miners with high energy-saving requirements, with an energy efficiency ratio as low as 36 J/T.

Highlight 4: New fuselage structure security protection

In order to effectively protect the internal components of the mining machine and reduce the maintenance cost later, the ant S17 Pro adopts a new fuselage structure, equipped with protective devices on the top of the mining machine, and the mining machine runs safer.

Operating environment requirements

In order to make the mining machine run stably for a long time, we recommend that the miner provide a suitable mining environment for the mining machine, including temperature and humidity requirements.

Working temperature: 0°C-40°C

Working humidity: 10% RH-90% RH, non-condensing

Network connection: Ethernet

I believe that after reading the above evaluation, the mining union is very excited. How to buy the ant mining machine S17 Pro? In addition to the purchase of the official website of Bitcoin, the miners can also purchase through the cooperative channel-RHY mine. At the RHY mine, the miners can choose the mining service suitable for the ant mining machine S17 Pro. For $0.02842, users who don't want to buy a mining machine can also choose cloud computing products for mining. They only need to purchase a cloud computing product contract to allow users to mine quickly and efficiently.