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Halving LTC Litecoin or triggering a new round of mining bull market

2019-04-02 18:28

Halving LTC Litecoin or triggering a new round of mining bull market

Litecoin (LTC) is a peer-to-peer digital currency and an open source software project under the MIT/X11 license. And technically the same implementation principle as Bitcoin, the creation and transfer of Litecoin is based on an open source encryption protocol that is not managed by any central authority. The meaning of LTC stands for lightweight, and the meaning behind Litecoin is the more lightweight digital currency compared to Bitcoin.

Compare the difference between Bitcoin and Litecoin: The Bitcoin network packs a block every 10 minutes, and the Litecoin network packs a block every 2.5 minutes, so it can provide faster transaction confirmation and can handle higher frequency transactions. , Litecoin transfer can generally be confirmed within 20 minutes. With a total of 21 million bitcoins (to prevent inflation), the total amount of Litecoin is expected to be 84 million, which is four times the total amount of Bitcoin. The distribution rate of Litecoin is in a proportional series, halving every four years (every 840,000 blocks), eventually reaching a total of 84 million.

According to the latest data from CMC, since February this year, the net inflow of cryptocurrency market has reached nearly 20 billion US dollars. The rebound of the market has made the currency circle that has been calm for half a year so busy. The industry generally believes that this wave of market is indirectly caused by the reduction of Litecoin. As a digital currency issued in a four-year cycle with a proportional reduction in production, the “half-half” of Litecoin is likely to cause a new wave of dynamic changes in funds – to say that the substitution effect will cause Bitcoin to reignite. Looking big; while looking bigger, the reduction in Litecoin may even bring about a new round of cryptocurrency market recovery.

Many people think that in 2019, the bear market must have not ran. In particular, many big crickets are clamoring that "this year is definitely hopeless, and there will be hope in the following year." It is probably believed that 19 and 20 years will be real winters. And 18 years is just the fall before the winter. But is there really no hope in 2019? The big market for chickens and dogs in 2017 is not likely to be big, but can't the Mavericks look forward to it? the answer is negative.

In 2019 we were divided into three phases to discuss, and the three phases were separated by a halve of the Litecoin. (ie, the former LTC is halved, the LTC is halved, and the LTC is halved).

The first stage: the exact time is now until July.

This stage is a gap period. Basically, the expected goodwill in 2019 may be released at this stage, including the favorable financial entry of ETF, Bakkt, Nasdaq, etc., as well as the currency circle of the Bitcoin Consensus Conference. Good. And every good thing can be a fire in the cold winter, temporarily bringing warmth to those who have winter. What everyone expects is that the exchanges of the level of the fire currency OK also open this mode, and in the first few projects, the money is safe, and the user is sent money. Everyone's expectation can be seen from the current skyrocketing situation of the platform currency. After all, the exchange has not said anything yet. The platform currency has gone up by dozens of points.

In addition to the wave of enthusiasm copied by the exchange, the “technical responsibility” of the real Bitcoin and Ethereum also has exciting technological innovations. The lightning network has been seen by everyone this year, but the lightning network actually It started development in 2016, indicating that really good technology needs to be precipitated for a while, and many technologies and concepts in the 16 and 17 year fires will really meet you in 2019, including schnorr. Signing this particularly high-sounding technology, Taproot technology, and more.

The upgrade of technology is not something everyone can understand, but it is the foundation of the industry. Those who are counting on the benefits of the asset bubble, please don't forget this order: technological innovation - ecological explosion - follow the crowd - asset bubble.

The second stage: the most critical node of the year - the Litecoin halved.

Why is this a phased event? In fact, halving is a matter of block. But halving the market is continuous. For example, the last round is halved:

Before the halving and after the halving, there is a high price point, and the halving day is often the lowest price. Therefore, the market brought by halving has an impact on the price before and after halving. In particular, before halving, because the halving of production does not have any substantial impact on the price itself, the media generally tends to over-promote, causing the mood to be too optimistic, the price to be overvalued, and when halved, the price will be Falling.

The third stage: the exact time is from the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020.

From the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020 is a very wonderful time. Litecoin completed production cuts, Bitcoin cut production preheating, Bitcoin cash production cuts ahead, and there is a possible ETH production cut. The mainstream currencies that can be reduced in the currency circle are all gathered at this time. So at this point in time, there are bound to be many things. If you are keen on trading, I believe that this time will bring you a lot of fluctuations.

In fact, the bull market is not a sudden arrival, whether it is the previous bitcoin bull market or other financial markets, such as the national stock market, are the beginning of the bull market, the slow rise - the popularity of the bear market began to gather - the sideways shock digested and accumulated Popularity - sudden outbreaks reached a high point - people's maddening bull market gradually subsided - trapping the leeks entering the frenzy, the bull market is over.

Intuitively, bitcoin has not fallen since the beginning of 2015 to the beginning of 2016, and it has started to rise slowly.

And compared to BTC, from 2015 to the real bull market, there are a lot of coins for bitcoin, of course, the most well-known is the Litecoin. Before and after halving in 2015, LTC/BTC even reached a high point that did not recover until the bull market in 2017. In addition, the ETH that was born just after that time, the price relative to Bitcoin also rose slowly. So in fact, in the year 2015 when Bitcoin really fell down (similar to this year), Bitcoin's entire ecology is in a state of “post-disaster reconstruction”, and many coins have actually been rebuilt and ended up.


Bitcoin will always adjust, and the cycle adjustment of Bitcoin is a bull-bearing conversion for other currency projects, and the project that can really survive the conversion of the bulls and bears is the next round of good projects worth looking forward to. Perhaps you can pay more attention to projects that are rising in market value in the bear market, such as LTC Litecoin, these currencies will not let you down. However, there are not many mining machines and mines that can stably dig Litecoin in the market. At present, only the ant mining machine L3++ of RHY mine can stably dig LTC Litecoin, especially in the season when the price of the currency rises, RHY mine The Wright coin mining machine is more affected by the miners.